Christmas Celebration | Joyful Moments


Christmas Celebration is one of the joyful celebrations at Creative Hut.  It is the season of joy, greetings, cakes, gifts, and fun. This is a period of getting the family united. Creative Hut is a family. Interestingly, it is a family with family members from different parts of the Nation.

Since there comes a short vacation during Christmas, a pre-Christmas celebration is organized every year at the Institute. This celebration is held a week before the college closes for the vacation.

The celebrations include a rhythmic presentation from the College choir as well as an add-on surprise package by Santa Claus. The staff, faculties, and students together celebrate Christmas.

Students prepare a different and creative Christmas crib. The Christmas tree is decorated with lights and gifts. On this occasion, students sing Christmas carols and songs too.

Santa Claus entertains the gathering with singing and dancing. Furthermore, chocolates and balloons are shared. Even more, every creative hut family members present gifts to their Christmas friend. Truly, Christmas is the time when all near and dear ones gather together to share love and joy.


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