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Have you ever wandered about the life surrounding you ? Life which isn’t yours but you see them growing and glowing. What is Circle of Life ? It is a concept of life, means that we start at the end and end is the beginning. A rule of universe, however you live your life, it has to end in a circle. Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth. It represents the infinite energy of nature, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another.

My book, Circle of Life, shows you the life and style of forest. You can see different species of birds, mammals and insects and their habitat to understand their style of living. To observe more of their surrounding, the book shows you thier home and being of their existence. Their existence matters in our human life, and so vica versa. But it is we who needs to conserve them and their life to preserve ours.

All the pictures in the book somehow tells you a story about the place, if you just look. A fairytale, which appears magically on early winter mornings, like a due drop on lush green leaves. Every moment you see and capture are rare, they never come back. Whatever you see out their is always new and unpredictable. That’s what Circle of Life is all about, do you see why it is called ‘Circle of Life’ ?

About Author

My name is Heer Mahant from Mumbai. I always wanted to be as free as a bird. ’As free as a bird because birds guided me to become a photographer, to pursue photography as my profession. Capturing and connecting with nature and earth takes me to a whole new world of possibilities with no barriers.

I’ve always been very keen to give something and educate the society from my imagination and putting it in my story of wildlife. The chirping of the birds, the roars of the lions and all the other sounds animals make is the kind of music I want to listen in my whole life.

I, through my pictures, want to expose and motivate to the people the kingdom of animals which is less known to them.

Heer Mahant, Mumbai Maharashtra

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