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City Struggles


Lovely children’s photos depict the joyous community life in Hampi.a sombre image shows a lone child in town revealing the city struggles.

In the heart of Hampi, photos reflect a spectrum of urban struggles. Each image portrays a distinct emotion, from the camaraderie of joyful children to the solitary sorrow of a sad child on the street. Moments of unity speak to Hampi’s simplicit. While displays of resilience and personal connection reveal the city’s challenges. Through hope, strength, and enduring spirit, these pictures capture the essence of community resilience. Navigating both the everyday joys and hard ships of life with grace.

city life.

Thriving Togetherness Simple Life, Big Hearts.

This poignant image of city life photography in Hampi conveys the strength of community bonds. Two children—one crying, the other bravely moving forward showcase the resilience fostered within group relationships. Amidst everyday challenges, their warm hearted spirits shine, illustrating how kindness and enduring connections can triumph over adversity enriching daily life with profound human experiences.

city life.

Heartwarming Scene  Little Acts, Big Impact.

In this Emotional scenes street photograph. A mother washes dishes by hand. While her children share a modest meal nearby. The simplicity of their surroundings emphasises the realism of their plight. Light and shadow enhance the natural feeling, telling a story of perseverance and love despite hardship.

city life.

Playful Glance   Playful Gazes of  Children.

A delightful photo captures children in a moment of joy, exchanging glances that sparkle like stars. Their radiant smiles embody the care free Lonely child happiness of youth, creating a lasting memory of joyful  moments of innocence. It’s a treasure, remini scent of the enchanting scenes in Hampi photography

city life.

Street Loneliness Crying Child, Lonely Walk.

In a poignant image, a solitary child walks down a city street, tears glistening. The desolation amplifies their isolation, and the colours and composition evoke their hardship. It’s reminiscent of a person lost in a crowd, evoking empathy for the child’s solitude in the bustling city

In the community pictures of Hampi, city life’s dualities are evident. Smiling children exude friendship. While a lone child’s tears hint at the city’s challenges. These images, depicting both difficulties and Strength. Convey themes of love and unity. They serve as a poignant snapshot of a community navigating life’s blend of joy and hardship, akin to a photo album illustrating hope, resilience, and the unwavering human spirit amidst life’s complexities.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Arshad CB and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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