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Coastal Waves


Through silhouette photography, Coastal Waves at Cherai Beach reveals beach activities and twilight friendship, capturing a coastal life.

Capturing mesmerizing moments at Cherai Beach of Coastal Waves, nestled on the peaceful northern side of Vypin Island, near Kochi in Kerala, India. Using silhouette photography, I crafted visually charming tales, silhouettes with bright backgrounds, each framing a unique story of coastal life’s balance between light and darkness.

The vivid colors of the sunset sky in my first image created the perfect backdrop for a touching scene at Cherai Beach. A coach leads them, expertly hitting balls into the air while the excited boys take turns practicing their catching techniques. 

Capturing mesmerizing moments at Cherai Beach of Coastal Waves

Sundown Sports  Joyful moments under sunset skies.

At Cherai Beach, my picture captures the vibrant seaside scene. Families and friends gather for a calm evening, engaging in various beach activities. From kindly shoreline strolls to thrilling water skiing, enthusiasm fills the summer air as people enjoy the waves together.

Capturing mesmerizing moments at Cherai Beach of Coastal Waves

Coastal Calm  Search under sunset skies.

At the beach’s edge, I encountered fishing enthusiasts casting their hooks into the stunning waters. As the sun set, I captured this serene moment, immortalizing life by the sea with my camera.

Capturing mesmerizing moments at Cherai Beach of Coastal Waves

Twilight Peace  Evening serenity under fading light.

My final picture depicts childhood friendship amidst a breathtaking sunset. A couple of kids sit on rocky outcrops, gazing at the ocean in peaceful friendship. Sunset hues and Scenes highlight their bond as distant ships pass by, immortalizing a timeless moment of wonder and companionship in the fading light.

Capturing mesmerizing moments at Cherai Beach of Coastal Waves

Golden Friendship  Twilight bonds on seaside rocks.

To sum up, my experience at Cherai Beach was a quilt attached with happy, peaceful, and classic moments. I captured the spirit of seaside living via the lens of silhouette photography. Every picture evokes a sense of wonder and connection. It tempts viewers to give in to the enthralling charm of coastal wave life.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of  Heet Dave and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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