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College Celebration at Photography College

December 28, 2019

We at Creative Hut enjoy the most cheerful and memorable days during our college celebration at Photography College. The celebrations here are a symbol of happiness and togetherness.

Around the year, our students, faculties, and management actively participate in these college celebrations. Indeed, students often have one or the other celebrations here, once in a month. Above all, the parents of the students also join us for these celebrations conducted at our photography college Creative hut.

Surely, by now you would like to know what are the Creative Hut college celebrations? When and how are they conducted? and so on. Further, get more details here on our college celebrations.

I. Importance of college day celebration

II. Celebrations conducted at Our Photography College

  1. Onam Celebration
  2. Independence day
  3. Ganesh Chaturthi
  4. Diwali Celebration
  5. Holi Celebration
  6. Christmas Celebration
  7. Rakhi Celebration
  8. Foundation Day Celebration

III. Celebrations of Learning: Why This Practice Matters

  1. Celebration helps to improve the relationship
  2. Celebration helps to learn leadership
  3. Celebration helps to understand the culture

I. Importance of college day celebration

Every college day celebration marks a remarkable difference in each student’s life.
You might be wondering how?
It’s very simple.

A change from the daily routine, studies off, fun on and a day without uniform; is it not that any student would wish to have?
Of course, yes. After all, everyone needs to get relaxation and relief mind from their busy study schedule.

Obviously, this is where you realize the importance of college day celebrations. When you learn with complete dedication and achieve sincere results, you would definitely wish to have some time for yourselves too.

The fun and enjoyment during the college day celebration keep our mind and health very energetic. Indeed it helps one and all to learn and work more with confidence.

College day celebration has its relevance because of the fact of togetherness and unity. It brings all our students, faculties, management and parents together. You learn different cultures, understand various festivals, interact with everyone and moreover respect the values.

II. Celebrations Conducted at Photography College

Creative Hut Students belongs to

  • Different Places
  • Different Culture
  • Different Religions
  • Different Languages


But they all Unite at one place Creative Hut for their inner love and passion towards Photography. It’s a place of togetherness, happiness, and celebrations.

Usually, Our students celebrate each task and project they are assigned with. On the positive side, Creative Hut students keep that level of energy in their every work and celebration.

Let’s watch here, how we have our college celebrations.

1. Onam Celebration, the festival of Happiness

Firstly, the Onam celebration is a notable day at Creative Hut every year. Indeed, it is one of the grand celebrations for every creative hut batch student.

Secondly, the Onam festival falls during August or September every year. The interesting fact is that August is the starting month of our one-year Professional photography course too.

Hence, the celebration of Onam is the first grand festival for every new batch here.

The history behind the Onam

Onam is the Harvest Festival of Kerala. It is also to remember and welcome King Mahabali. He was a mythical king who ruled over Kerala. He is popularly known as ‘Maveli’. King Mahabali was wise and generous. He was greatly respected by all.

Lord Vishnu once tested his generosity. He visited King Mahabali’s kingdom in the form of dwarf Brahmin. And the story says that, as per his request, the King promised to give him 3 feet of land.


For the final and third step of Lord Vishnu, King Mahabali bowed his head and asked Vishnu to keep his final step on him. And thus he fulfilled his promise. But, with this, the king was suppressed to the world underneath.

The king asked for a wish to Lord Vishnu. As a result, the king was allowed to visit his land and people once in a year. This day of the visit of King Mahabali to Kerala is celebrated as Onam every year.
Hence, this is the story behind the Onam festival.

To remark the visit of King Mahabali, one of our students dress-up in the traditional getup of King Mahabali. Likewise, another student dress-up representing Kathakali artist. Kathakali is Kerala’s art and culture. This indeed adds more value to Onam, the state festival of Kerala.

How Creative Hut Students Celebrate Onam?

On this very day, all the students, faculties and staffs follow the Onam dress code. There is a great importance of Kerala’s traditional dress style.

Females wear off-white Kerala tradition sarees called Set Sarees. While the male wears off-white with golden or colored bordered Dhotis and colorful shirts. Even the students from outside Kerala enjoy this dressing style.

The day also keeps the entire team engaged in various games. For instance, the musical chair, lemon race, pot breaking game, and many more.

The vadam-vali or rope stretching game is one of the interesting and awaited games for students here. This is the very famous tug of war game. Interestingly students enjoy the rhythm in this game. This brings a team spirit to its peak among the two groups facing each other.

Those moments of enjoyment, dances, songs, games, food, maveli and Onam photography, all are precious.

The wishes and celebrations get more exciting with the ‘Onam Sadhya’. It is the special food with nearly 18 numbers of curries served in banana leaves. And last but not least the sweet dish called ‘Payasam’ is served.

The boat race is one of the famous activities during Onam. The encouraging call ‘Aarpoo Irro, Irro..’ are used during these boat race to boost the participants. Very frequently, one would hear the same Aarppo…Irro in the creative hut campus during the Onam celebration day.

Onam Celebration 2020

The students registered for the next 2020-2021 batch are getting the things ready for Onam 2020. More colorful participation and more creative activities are expected for next.

Best wishes for the upcoming Onam celebrations. Students will surely have a memorable day. Certainly, the first festival celebration of the 14th batch at Creative hut is going to be Onam 2020.
Hence, a simple yet creative Onam celebration is ahead.

Onam 2020 falls on Sunday, 30 August 2020 and ends on Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Every year, the celebration for Onam has some special factors. Moreover, it is the celebration of togetherness and happiness. Everyone is now eagerly waiting for our next celebration of Onam 2020.

Yes, let’s wait and watch, What’s next?

Moreover, you must watch the video below and know those experiences.

Onam Celebration 2019

The Onam celebration with our 13th batch students was a grand occasion. We had parents who visited the campus. Every year, students make their best efforts for the festival celebration.

Particularly, in this batch, they included Kathakali Vesham and Procession to Mattakkara L.P School. Indeed it was a different and unique approach for Mattakkra localities.

Onam Celebration 2018

Onam Celebration in 2018 was celebrated in the presence of well-wishers, parents, and students in the College Campus.  The program had atthappoovu (flower decoration), group songs, dance, the appearance of King Mahabali.

In addition, various indoor and outdoor games brought more energy to the celebration. Altogether, students and staff members played and enjoyed

Onam Celebration 2017

Every year, our students plan and organize the Onam celebration in a unique way. The Onam Celebration in 2017 was one such unique and colorful celebration.

The students and teachers of the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, exhibited traditional apparel, the performance of folk songs and decorated the portico with ‘pookkalam’.

Onam Celebration 2016

Onam, the state festival of Kerala, is celebrated in the most delightful way at our Photography Institute. Our college celebrations are a symbol of honesty and involvement.

The Onam celebration had many attractions such as the “Pookkalam’, Vanji Pattu (traditional boat race song) and other performances by the students and staff. Some of our alumni also joined us for the celebration.

Onam Celebration 2014

Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of Kerala state as well as Our photography college. In 2014, Onam was celebrated at Campus with all the students, faculty, and staff.

The celebration started with setting up an attractive floral decoration called pookkalam at the reception area. This was followed by various competitions like onappattu, vadamvali, banana-eating, etc.

2. Independence Day

The day of pride, love and respect towards our Nation. India’s Independence Day falls on 15th August every year. Especially, it’s a day of honor and respect for all the Indian freedom fighters who fought for India’s Freedom.

Creative Hut students, faculties and staff gather together in the morning for flag hosting. With due respect towards our Nation, everyone participate for the National Anthem.

After the Independence day message addressed by the chief of honor and Principal, the sweets are distributed.

The celebration ends with performances by students about our independence.

Independence Day 2019

Independence Day on August 15th is celebrated every year in our college. We have the National flag hoisting ceremony and culture events.

Our Principal Shri. Abin Alex hoisted our National Flag and delivered the Independence Day Speech. Shri. Alex T.C, Chairman of Alextern Group of Companies recalled the freedom struggle and addressed the importance of democracy and freedom.

The happiest feelings of Independence get sweeter, with the freedom that our students achieve on this day.
Students are allowed to go out and or use mobile phones.
Sounds interesting, right?

Independence Day 2018

Our Principal given motivation speech, followed by Flag Hoisting & National Anthem. The principal addressed the gathering with the significance of Independence Day. He also focused on the rights and duties of every Indian citizen and about the consequences of misusing them.

Independence Day 2017

Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala celebrated Independence Day with students, parents, faculties, and staffs.

Our Principal, Abin Alex hoisted the national flag. The National Anthem raised patriotic dedication in the crowd. Soon after the national anthem, the principal addressed the gathering. In his message, he elaborated on the importance of patriotism and asked everyone to remember the sacrifices of our nation.

The day re-experienced the spirit of patriotism and to respect the glorious past of our country.

3. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

It is the festival celebrated as per Hindu belief marking the arrival of Lord Ganesh. Every year, Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in our Campus. For nine days the students and faculty members celebrated the festival with gaiety and grandeur.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The festival is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav. The everyday program started with traditional lamp lighting and aarthi.

During the visarjan ( the send-off of the Lord Garesha idol into water), we all had an amazing experience. We all belonging to different religions, from different parts of India – Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs were dancing and singing together as we followed the Ganpati Idol. After the Visarjan, rituals were completed but the energy was full-on.

4. Diwali Celebration

The festival of lights is celebrated with full enjoyment and eagerness. The whole arrangement and coordination are done by Creative Hut students. They enjoy it thoroughly.

Each student actively participates in the celebration. Unlike, usual photography college celebrations, here the students have different experiences. Creative Hut arranges the festivals as a platform for all students to showcase their talents and encourage them to light the future.

On the festival of Diwali, our students decorate the campus through the creation of stunning rangolis and the charming painting of diyas. Along with various fun games, students are indulged in the true festival atmosphere.

5. Holi Celebration

The Holi celebration is another interesting college celebration at photography college, every year. The festival of Holi marks here to be a great ceremony celebrated with dedication at the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala.

The staff and the students together play “Phoolon ki Holi”, Holi with the flowers in the campus. The Holi celebration at Photography College concludes with the distribution of traditional sweet dedicated to this festival.

6. Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the season of joy, greetings exchanging, gift-giving, and families getting united. The celebrations include a rhythmic presentation from the college choir as well as an add on surprise package by Santa Claus.

Truly, Christmas is the time when all near and dear ones gather together to share love and joy. Creative Hut is a family. Interestingly, it is a family with family members from different parts of the Nation.

Since there comes a short vacation during Christmas,  a pre-Christmas celebration is organized every year. This celebration is held a week before the college closes for the vacation.

The staff, faculties, and students together celebrate Christmas. Students prepare Christmas crib and decorate the Christmas tree. On this occasion students, sing Christmas carols and songs.

Santa Claus entertains the gathering with singing and dancing. Also, shares the chocolates and balloons. Even more, every creative hut family members present gifts to their Christmas friend.

7. Rakhi Celebration

Photography school celebrated Rakshabandhan every year. Our students were dressed in colorful festive clothes. The full Creative Hut family gathered for to tie Rakhies Ceremony. All in all, the celebration of this festival which indicates the beautiful family bond of trust and protection between a boy and a girl helped the students to care for a healthy relationship amongst all at school – which is definitely a home away from home.

8. Foundation Day Celebration

Foundation Day is a unique and special day for the entire college, our creative hut family. It is not only the chance to remember the beginnings of the college and its founders but also to celebrate those lovely beginnings.

Indeed, it is a day set to celebrate our history, reconnect and rejoice with the continuing journey of the College. The celebration marks the unity and the blessings of such a beautiful environment and wonderful facilities achieved to college.

We celebrate this joy of learning with the wonderful bond that we share with past and present family members of the Creative Hut Family.

9. Kerala Piravi Day

III. Celebrations of Learning: Why This Practice Matters

Celebrating events and festivals in schools and colleges has become a necessary part of learning. Since it builds a strong cultural belief in the minds of the student.

Apart from classroom activities, we also pay great attention to celebrate important festivals. Indeed, it must be celebrated in order to understand our country’s traditions.

• Celebration helps to improve the relationship
• Celebration helps to learn leadership
• Celebration helps to understand the culture

But, without photography, all our celebrations are incomplete. Can any celebration at Photography College miss to capture those lovely moments? Certainly, no, not at all.

Our every college celebrations at Photography College are indeed a day of having photography, videography, candid shots and group photos.

For all our students and ex-students, just ask about their college days at Creative Hut. You would definitely get this answer.
” Those days were the memorable days of our campus life. Dance, fun, enjoyment and full masti.”

Therefore, every new student of creative hut eagerly waits for the upcoming celebrations of the Creative Hut Institute of photography. Nevertheless, even we all wait here for the same.

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