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Importance of College Life in Photography


Photography education is an area that has inspired a lot students in Modern era. Generally, Photography education is perceived in very narrow term. In fact, most of the time photography learning is given less priority and taken for granted. That is why, many of us think of why we need to go college in order to learn photography? Why college  life is need for making photography as ones career.

Hence, here we let you know how and why this college life is required for better photography? Moreover, also get to know why Creative Hut is known for its college life and referred as Gurukul.

What do you mean by College Life?

Campus means a place or space which gives space for study, enjoyment, staying and play etc. Photography College life is the life when you start focusing on your career. In fact, College Life cum campus life for a student is where he or she stay, study, share and develop in one’s education teaching place.

College life is the combination of real experiences of friendship, emotions, hardships, challenges, celebrations, learning, competitions, and many more.

Why College Life is important in Photography?

When you learn by yourself or YouTube you are not getting mentor to guide you. But, it is totally different when you learn in a college for Degree, Diploma or Certificate course. Since, you are dedicating your particular time period to learn photography as per whatever is been taught. And expect to become master of Photography within that particular time period.

In case of learning photography from online classes, tutorials, etc… by yourself, it actually takes more time to learn. Investing more time means our productive period of ones career becomes short.

Some People says, “I will assist some photographer and learn”. Or “I will work under someone.” Assisting means, you expect a ‘do and error’ process and no proper guidance.

But in reality, the Photographer never waste his productive time investing his valuable time in teaching you. Hence, you may get to work with those photographers and observe them in work, but learning becomes really equal to no.

Proper Guidance

In Photography college life, someone will be there to correct your mistakes. Teacher have the motive to teach. In fact, their bread and butter, their soul is in teaching. They do not for any commercial projects but with an intention to up-bring the new talents. Teacher always guide a student to solve and overcome the problems. And further train them for the competitive market result.

College have more faculties and classmates with similar interests and goals. They always share and exchange their ideas, information towards the classmates. If you are staying in a campus like Creative Hut, you are provided with the facility to stay in the campus. In addition to that, you think, share and work 24 hours for the same aim.

What do you mean by College Campus?

Whenever you think about any college campus, it means a place where all the facilities are available. Like building of class room, administrative building, Residential place, Hostel, Sports Ground, Studio, Cafeteria , Trees etc.

But when we think about photography colleges, how many of the photography colleges have campus?
Surprisingly, most of the Photography colleges are functioning in a room or floor of a building. In such cases, how can one expect a college life?

Here, you will fell the difference at Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Creative Hut Campus is spread in around 4 acres (170000 sq.feet).
The Institute is located on the banks of a river commonly known as “Pannagam Thodu” at Mattakkara.

The blowing of the winds and the flowing of the river are the attractions of the campus. The rhythm of rain, the changing clouds and the ever foliage makes you to experience the most natural sounds and colors of nature. Being a photogenic place, it helps you in to work in different lighting conditions and angles that gives a new vibrant art scene to each photo.

Importance of Photography College Campus

Studio, Classroom, Butter park, Customized Forest, Hostel, Play Ground etc.
College life is the golden phase of your life under which you are going to have so many opportunities to enhance yourself. It is the mixture of friends, dramas, emotions ,learning..

Photography doesn’t mean to only to capture a photo in a studio. Indeed, Photography includes indoor and Outdoor Photography. We always think of controlling studio light. But, you need to also learn how to control nature light.

Now a days, people had started to capture even studio based products in places under natural lighting. As a result, conventional studio photography is less.

The fact is that, how can an institute or any college situated in a studio floor can teach to control nature light in Photography?

Every time they need to travel one place to another place. Photography college must have wide area of campus. It gives an opportunity of enjoying not only life of learning but also gives the real life experiences. Understanding the life of a college with various photography college activities will surely lead one to face the challenges of the field in their future career.

Why students prefer Creative Hut Photography College as their First choice?

Creative Hut is always known for its Residential photography course, known as “Gurukul”. This is where, students stay with Faculties in one campus and learn about photography. Gurukul way of learning is the Indian traditional way of learning.

Creative Hut is known as modern Gurukul, because of the traditional gurukul style with modern technology. And most importantly, students call Creative Hut college as their second family. As one of our students, Abhishek Biswas from Madhya Pradesh quoted,
” The word we call home, it means safety, family and rest. “

How the students enjoy in Creative Hut Photography College?

You can’t teach students. A Guru or Teacher needs to perform or do it and the students will indeed learn from them. Living in one campus and getting attention of mentors, enables this. Hence, we don’t make them to do here,  in fact Teachers needs do and show them.

Creative Hut college Life means
• Exercise and Yoga
• Theory and Practical
• Learn from faculties
• Celebrations and enjoyment
• Sports and cultural activities
• Photo walks and tours
• Campus assignments and outdoors
• Portfolio development
• Campfire and Self cooking facility

So students, our alumni always says that learning is strict here, but its worth, “first and last choice is one and only Creative Hut Photography College”.


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