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Colours and Feels by Tamalam Prabhath


The Word Colours has become a big part of our lives whether in work or play and even health.

The most important part color in humans live is that it will create responses psychologically and induce physiological perception. This in turns will create influence to our daily lives whether it is in fashion, art or commerce just to name a few. It also has the possibility to affect our physical and emotional sensations. Human’s reactions to color are instinctive and learned. While instinctive reaction seems to be universal, learned reaction is much influence by culture. Different culture will have different perception and feeling towards a color.(Red, Yellow & Blue).

The three primaries colors their universal reaction towards it. The red color will evoke the deepest and dangerous emotion in humans. It can bring excitement, energy, desire, speed, heat, love and all things passionate. However red also represent blood, aggression, danger and violence. color yellow brings totally opposite perception compared to red.

Humans generally see the color yellow as the color of happiness, imagination, joy and optimism. It also brings the meaning of summer time, gold and wealth. That is the good side of the color yellow. The other side of yellow is it can induce the feeling of anxiety and unease. It also has the capability to create an atmosphere of jealousy, illness and betrayal &Blue universally recognize as the color of life and renewal. This is because our sky and water are blue in color. It can evoke peace, tranquility, stability, harmony, unity and security. Back in ancient Greece, the color blue represents virginity. The other side of blue is emotional coldness and depression.

Other than representation mentioned above, color also represent a concept. This means it has specific meaning. For example, in traffic light red means stop and green means go universally. Another good example is green robe that wore by surgeon worldwide. Green has calm effect towards humans. That’s why we see all the operation room and robe are green color in the whole wide world.

Humans also apply and use color in their business world. In the business and corporate world, color used specifically in branding. This is because specific color used in the branding of the company logo can bring hidden message. Correct usage of color can also enhance human’s memory of the brand because color can represent a concept or trigger memory recall.

This can be seen on the logo, packaging and promotional items. Normally there will be a dominant color in these items. Selection of dominant color depends on the purpose and culture of the place the brand is promoted.

Generally, the color used in branding are categorize to cold and warm color. Color categorize as cold color are blue and it normally carry calm and reserved message. Color like red and yellow are categorized as warm.

Perhaps one day, this will change so that whole human population can benefit from the colors which surround us.

Tamalam Prabhath, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

I am T. Prabhath who always thinks about others & always listen to my heart for eternal happiness. I am much interested to capture the “commercial photography” in “creative & unique way”.

To a maximum extent I don’t like to worry about “name & fame”. I’m optimistic about my life, at the same time I believe everything happens for a reason.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Tamalam Prabhath, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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