Why is Communication in Photography Important?


Communication is the action of sharing of ideas and information. As well as it is the exchange of knowledge, attitude and feeling among two persons or a group of people. The process of communication occurs through certain signs and symbols or passing of information from source to destination.

Why is Communication important in Photography?

The importance of Communication in photography is known very well when a photographer is not only able to reach greater audience but also make them respond to the same.

Firstly, we are communicating with the world through our photographs. Each and every image speaks out the story in it. Here, languages are not a matter of concern. Instead what matters is the communication you have with the audience or viewers through each image.

Secondly, the best convincing photographs are achieved when you have maintained effective communication with the subject.  Whatever the subject is for example, models, kids, people, bride and groom, etc… a good communication with them is very much important. It can make them more comfortable.

Why Communication is important for a Photographer?

Photographer wants to know how to share or exchange ideas, information, knowledge and feelings to one or group of viewers through his photograph.

For example, if a photographer capture amazing photographs but then keeps  those Photos saved in either hard disk or computer or laptop.
While an another Photographer share or exchange his photos through medium of newspaper, Social media or channel. By so his viewers gets his ideas, feelings, and information. They react on that photo in some or the other way.

Whose photo is communicated properly?

In first process he did not share or exchange his images and just kept by himself in his storage. Whereas, the second photographer communicated with his photo and he got the result too.

However, in this process of communication, his photo was a major factor along with some other important factors, namely,
1. Designing
2. Image quality
3. Writing Skills
4. Good Personality
5. Language of communication

Hence, communication plays a vital role in conveying one’s message through his or her photographs.

I. Language is the factor of Communication
II. Why we need to learn English for to become a Photographer?
III. Personality Into Your Photography Business and Brand
IV. Five qualities a Photographers Need to Be Successful
V. Make a Photographer “Professional”

I. Language is the factor of Communication.

Language is considered as the major factor of Communication. Indeed, communication is the very essential factor of Photography.
You need to communicate and your photograph also should communicate.

Many students asks, “why our college takes students from all over the World?” The answer to this is very simple.

Firstly, you will have friends from different states, different culture and different behavior. Secondly, these helps the communication to improve a lot. At Creative Hut, we concentrate in three languages namely Hindi, English and Malayalam as we are located in Kerala. Finally, to mention, we have a special Communication class for English.

II. Why we need to learn English for to become a Photographer?

After the boom of Social Media and You tube Channel. Think you are uploading a photo without proper Caption and Cut-line. Google and Social Media is working on the basis of keyword and proper structure of English.

Earlier, when someone wanted to become a photographer. At first he used to hire a space and start a studio. But, now new technologies has changed this. Unlike the conventional studio which is almost no more, the digital world has replaced the same. Now-a-days, the Digital Studio is what we call as Website.

Purchase domain and Web space for uploading your work. Earlier clients used to visit the studio, but now clients ask for the work through digital media. A photographer shares his website link to client. Normally websites are made in English language so that you can reach to more wide clients. Internet facilities has reduced the gap and removed the boundaries. Especially the concept on online studio or website worldwide has taken the place.

Formerly, we used to get clients from 5 to 10 km distance. But now, limitation of distance is no more a concern. If your works are good and if you are able to communicate those images with high number of clients then you will definitely get clients from worldwide.

No barriers. Boundaries of Areas, distance, languages are no more. If you know how to communicate with people and moreover know how to handle them, then you are a King.

III. Personality is Your Photography Business and Brand

Photography is considered as an Art. A Wood Carved elephant is the work of a Carpenter. How that attracted you will speaks the cost a carved elephant. Carved elephant if kept at artist’s home will not sale the product carved elephant. You need to brand it, find the place to sale it and communicate to a customer.

If you would have ever traveled in Indian train, then you would have noticed many local sellers selling their product. Have you observed them and found how they sale the product? How they communicate and convenience us to purchase? Did we ever looked their personality?

Communication and Personalities are very important in photography. Most of the photographers not aware about the branding themselves and they never care about their personality.

Think a photographer comes in your sisters marriage without cutting hair. When this photographer is near or around you, you get a bad odour or smell. How long will you stand there for photo to be taken?

When you brand yourself, you need to consider the society and accept the same. Then only your professionalism will come out.
Photography is an art but long hair and tattoo designs in the body will not speak. Your Photo should speak and your way of communication should speak out.

IV. Qualities a Photographer should have for best Communication 

A photographer needs to acquire all those qualities that are required for achieving the best photographs. Any professionals of any field is accepted to have good communication for smooth working atmosphere. Photographers who are the real mediator between the subject and the audience, needs the best communication skills.

What Qualities are required for a Good Photographer?

Trust is always the most significant value whenever it comes to structure a team. In fact, being able to trust the person you’re working with is extremely very important.

While studying in Photography college itself you need to create trust. There is always complaint from a student’s that he or she stole the idea or concept. As photographer they need to be honest towards co workers, Models, Make up men, clients etc…

A professional photographer has to work with various people in the society. Sometimes, it’s a client, a model, or even our team of photographers. Thus, a good photographer need to have good skills such as,
• Creativity and Communication
• Patience and Flexibility
• Passion and Hardworking
• Honesty and Punctuality
• Team Work and Professionalism

V. Develop from a Photographer to a “Professional”

Good communication is a must factor for any individual. The right way of communication at appropriate time and space, should be taken into priority for all photographers. A photographer may lose his or her project if their communication with the subjects such as models and or clients fails. At the same time, one may gain the benefit of receiving the best project with ones communication skills  with the clients.

Hence, along with the understanding of technical aspects of photography and its practical experience, one must definitely have  the skill for good communication. It’s proper use plays a vital role in making one successful and a professional in the field. Finally, we could see the result as the best photography works and portfolio that one carry out.


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