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Concealed Enigma by Jaganath.R


Life is always been an illusion. It is like a hyphen between matter and spirit. From the distant vast celestial bodies to the living thing on earth are made of something which remains a mystery.
In the boundless universe, Earth is the only planet that consists of living things of various species. In the early stages, a wide landscape of just dust, sand, and rocks are formed. The presence of water made a huge change in the formation of life. The living things started to form from single-celled organisms to planktons, and one after another the plants and trees were formed. From the billions of years of evolution, the Earth’s environment itself created an ecosystem that consists of plants, insects, reptiles, birds, and animals. In this stage, many animals occupied the first place in the ecosystem until another greatest evolution happened which led to the creation of humans.

As a photographer, I feel this profession enables me to deliver information or message to society through visual stories. With this “CONCEALED ENIGMA” I have tried to showcase the evolution of life. This is mainly to show the importance of everything in this world and its role. Also, to create awareness regarding the value of nature and the environment and to understand the relationship between each other. Humans are the extreme species on this planet and they concentrate only on developing and protecting their species. This is directly or indirectly leading to the self-destruction of others as well as the human species itself because of the effects of the development process. The natural resources or natural elements cannot be recreated or replaced. The life of humans has developed with numerous high technologies and filled with modern inventions which help to reduce the human efforts and for self-developing. This is like a cycle, the artificial way of living which affects natural things automatically. So, it is important to understand the needs, requirements, and right use of technologies or products.

An invention should be a boon to the world instead of destroying it. As a human, it is our only responsibility to protect the natural resources, environment and all living things for living a wonderful life by utilizing the source of the earth. To save Earth, every human should work together and should balance the necessity according to the priority.

Jaganath.R, Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu


Photography is the strongest medium of expressing yourself. I believe that the frame you capture has the ability to tell who you are. I love to explore the world to showcase the real situation and condition of the environment as well as addressing the conservation of animal species and their habitats, climate change, water, and environmental problems. To put it briefly, my main aim is to be a conservation photographer and to create awareness for the protection of nature and wildlife, and to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment for building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

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