Living in Mattakkara

Natural Beauty.
Urban Energy.

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    living in mattakkara

    Mattakkara a place known as the biggest ‘Kara’ or land in Kottayam district of Kerala, India. If you’re coming to CREATIVE HUT School for the first time, we’ll let you know a little secret about Mattakkara, Kottayam in God’s own country Kerala. On first glance, you will feel the place as remote but you’re likely to fall in love with the area’s natural beauty, greenery and easy to assess facilities. You would really wish to stay here forever.






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    The land of changes and natural beauty, Mattakkara is also known as land of ‘Mattams’. It’s a place with lands, hillocks, small water bodies from hills, river, coconut trees, areca nut trees, rubber trees, pepper plants, tapioca, coffee plantations and paddy with farms and small towns dot the sweeping landscape, growing more populated village in Kerala. It is nearly 22km from Kottayam town, 22km from Ponkunnum and 18 km from Palai.







    It is believed that Mattakkara got its name from ‘Mattam’ and ‘Kkara’ in Malayalam which means ‘Plane land’ and the area on the banks of the river, respectively. It belongs to Akalakunnam Panchayath that has 15 wards (small divisions) in total. Among these, 8 wards in total and half the places of other 3 wards belong to Mattakkara itself. Different places, namely Chuvannaplavu, Thachilangadu, Paduva, Nellikunnu, Manal, Vadakadam, Mannoor, Manjamattam, Moozhoor, Karimpany, Pattiyalimattam and some areas of Kezhuvamkulam, Kozhuvanal, Edamula, Poovathilapu together form the place called Mattakkara. Area wise the center of Mattakkara is considered to be Chuvannaplavu.


    There are approximately twelve to fifteen thousand people belonging to Mattakkara. The major religion of the population found here are Christianity and Hinduism. They are almost equal in number and economy. Maximum number of people residing here are farmers. More than 98% of the population here are literate.

    Education Hubs

    The village covers 4 Govt LP Schools, St.Antony LP School, St.Antony UP School, St.Jospeh High Schools, Vivekanada English Medium School, Mattakkara Higher Secondary School, Model Polytechnic College (IHRD), Engineering College and Creative Hut School of Photography.

    Spiritual Places

    There are various religious sacred places found in Mattakkara. Churches namely Holy Family Church, Alphonsagiri Church, Blessed Sacrament Church, St. Sebastian’s Church, St. George’s Church, St. Antony Church, St. Mary’s Church and Temples namely Thuruthippally Devi Temple, Puthittu Kavu Devi Temple, Kovoor Temple, Kuttiyanikal Sridarma Shastha Temple, Ayrur Sri Mahadev Temple are located nearby CREATIVE HUT campus.

    Pannagam River


    panagam river mattakkara

    The Panagam River flowing through the hearts and several parts of Mattakkara, supports the greenery of this land. This river flows in the form of curves and twists and is believed to attain its name, shape and direction followed by the path of a snake called Panagam. Various other small rivers join to this river. There are two rivers namely Kaavumporam thodd (river) and Mutti thodd (river) joining Panagam River from its left whereas the rivers Pulloli thodd, Nellikunn thodd, Kanniyakkun thodd and Pattiyalli thodd join Panagam River from its right side. Panagam River always had a vital role and importance for the people living in Mattakkara. In old days, the transportation, even the import and export trading was carried out through Panagam River. Creative Hut institute of photography is located on the banks of the river Panagam.


    Story Behind

    Both the sides of this river are flat lands. The flat lands along side of Panagam river are Manjamattam, Kukattamattam, Thekkummattam, Pattiyalimattam, Kurkamattam, Kuvalimatam, Pallekkamattam, Punnekamattam, Palamattam, Pannamattam, Mundamattam, Kuvarmattam, Kuuyimattam, Iikkarramattam, Venuumpuratta mattam, Vapalamattam, Naga mattam, Pullil mattam, Vaayapalli mattam, marramattam, Kuiyikattmattam. There are few hilly areas in mattakkara namely Pallikunn, Attapongkunn, Parripalikunn and Nellikunn. Maximum area in mattakkara is covered by the land areas and hence it is named after mattam (land) and Kkara (area on the banks of the river).


    Years back, the main transportation to and fro Mattakkara was via the river Panagam. The location of the institute at Mattakkara can be reached from Kottayam city and Pala town that are at a distance of nearly 22km and 18km, respectively. It is now one of the villages in Kerala with developed transport level. The road way transportation to the nearest cities Kottayam, Palai, etc… is easy with the private bus services to and fro. Students belonging to different schools use these transport facilities. The nearest railway station to Mattakkara is Kottayam railway station which is 22kms and Ettumanoor railway station which is 15kms from institute. The nearest airport is Cochin airport which can be reached with a journey of 2.30 hours from institute.


    Mattakkara has the facility of banks, ATM centers, hospital clinics, tea shops, bakers, grocery and stationary shops available within 10 kms from the institute. Some of these areas are at walking distance. Shopping across the vast covered Mattakkara area that is to the nearby areas of Creative Hut institute is easy to ones reach.