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Cosmic Glow


The products in Cosmic Glow are vitamin E and cherry for lips, rice water and ginger oil for hair, and lemon and jojoba for skin.

“Cosmic Glow provides age-old beauty techniques for lips, skin, and hair. See how to achieve clear hair using rice water and ginger oil. Explore the Coastal secret to clear skin, which are jojoba and lemon. Taste a lip beauty secret that has been enhanced with vitamin E and cherry ingredients. Feel the smooth texture of body butter made with organic beeswax.”

shampoo placed in a blue background

Herbal Fusion Natural haircare magic.

The recipe for thick, shiny hair promotes scalp circulation by combining rice water and ginger oil, an Asian and Arabic tradition. All hair types can benefit from this paraben-free, sulphate-free, PEG-free product that tackles frizz, dandruff, and hair loss.

face wash placed in a blue background

Glitter coastal crispness was obvious.

Face Wash softly removes impurities for immaculate, scrubbed skin by unlocking the long-kept Coastal secret of lemon and jojoba. It reveals clear, beautiful skin by massaging and cleaning without damaging the epidermis because of its unique round-shaped jojoba beads. Together with other ingredients, lemon extract and coconut oil provide an uplifting skincare experience.

lip balm placed in a blue background

Natural Magic Hydrating lip colour.

Inspired by the vibrant fruits of ancient Greece, the company offers a lip balm that is 100% natural and organic.Coconut oil, shea butter, and natural cherry ingredients, rich in vitamin E, impart a glossy pink tint and diminish lip discolouration in this hydrating and magical formula.

body butter placed in a blue background

MoistureLock Skin shield against dryness.

Blending four varieties of butter and an old African technique, the stock Body Butter seals in moisture while fending against heat and dryness. Its natural beeswax enrichment ensures a glossy, velvety texture and long-lasting protection while hydrating without being greasily tacky.

Cosmic Glow reveals age-old skin, hair, and lip beauty secrets. See how rice water and ginger oil can give you shiny hair. Check out the Coastal secret to clear skin, which are lemon and jojoba. With a lip beauty secret enhanced with vitamin E and cherries, snackle up effectively. Experience the smooth feel of natural beeswax-body butter.”


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