Cottagecore by Valencia Fernandes


Cottagecore is a movement that popularized the idea of living a simple rural lifestyle, with homemade food, revolving around spending most of one’s time in artistry, gardening, baking, foraging and spending time in self-reflection, away from technology. This movement gained traction in the 2020 pandemic, when everyone was stuck at home and decided to start baking bread as a distraction from the chaos in the world. Quarantine was romanticized by cottagecore as it made isolation interesting and productive.

Aesthetically this movement draws inspiration from the nostalgic and traditional English countryside. The essence of cottagecore is to encourage a lifestyle rooted in skills like gardening, cooking, knitting, pottery, painting, etc that reminds people to live more mindfully and in the moment. It thus, embraces the virtues of self-sufficiency, sustainability, slow living, self-care, social consciousness, and affinity and harmony with nature.

Valencia Fernandes, Mumbai, Maharashtra

I am an artist from Mumbai, India. I have forever been fascinated by storytelling through art, whether it be songwriting, painting or photography.

The fact that every story is universally mundane but individually profound is what intrigues me. That’s what photography does too.

There could be a billion pictures that look the same out there, but the emotions behind yours will narrate a story that is unparalleled.


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