Fashion Photography Course

One Year Professional Diploma
In Fashion and Wedding Photography

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    Discover your Path in Fashion Photography

    Fashion has always continued to be a part of one’s lifestyle. It has now an important role in determining one’s identity. Indeed, there is an increasing trend in Fashion Photography and therefore the fashion photography course. Here is the need to discover yourself and develop the ability to make your identity as a fashion photographer. And therefore, you would be searching for the best fashion photography college. Creative hut provides the Fashion photography course with technical skills and artistic understanding. Moreover, it leads to a successful career in the fashion photography industry.


    What are you going to learn?
    • Fundamentals of Photography
    • Mastering of Fashion Photography
    • Lighting and Posing
    • Visual Aesthetics
    • Wedding Photojournalism
    • Wedding Cinematography
    • Digital Album Designing
    • English and Communication Skills
    • Fashion Photography Shoot
    • Professional Portfolio
    • Internship
    • Career Guidance
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    The best highlight of the Fashion photography course is to make the students confidently carry out the fashion photography shoot.

    Certainly, these fashion photography classes help them to understand various aspects of fashion and wedding photography. For instance, poses, tools, lighting, and techniques used by industry professionals in the Fashion field.

    The course is designed to provide the best fashion photography classes to the students in all possible manners. Therefore, allowing the students to enter the commercial field of fashion photography more confidently.

    Creative Hut is also known to be the top Fashion photography college for its varied way of teaching. Students here learn to use the tricks and techniques for fashion photography with studio equipment. Moreover, they develop these technical skills in the studio indoors as well as outdoors.

    Above all, the course curriculum also gives importance to the wedding photography course. Hence, students are introduced to various trends in wedding photography.

    This course is a real blend of three main fields namely photography, photojournalism, and cinematography. Moreover, it also covers three main categories to be mentioned as Fashion photography, wedding photography, and studio photography.

    Firstly, the student is here offered with the knowledge of his or her camera and equipment. Secondly, they are allowed to handle those in different scenarios. Deep knowledge is provided for every single technical setting of the DSLR camera. Most importantly, with the appropriate application of the same.

    The required skills and knowledge for one’s success in this field are developed step by step through assignments and a direct approach. Indeed, this portion of the fashion photography course will lead the students to bring out the best results in further sessions.

    The classes here are structured such that, one gets a deep understanding of different aspects of Fashion Photography. The introduction to fashion photography, different forms of fashion photography and the trends of the fashion industry are covered here.

    In addition, the study covers the various fashion styles, traditional, dramatic, high Key, fashion editorial, and much more. Likewise, the course also covers the understanding of makeup art, various fashion styles, moods, and expressions.

    The portrait photography, capturing of expressions of eyes and faces are important factors of this module.

    Part I: Fashion Photography
    Part II: Portrait Photography
    Part III: Editorial Photography

    Above all, lighting in photography is given more priority than any other factor. Whatever may be the photography category, the effort is to apply apt lighting for the frame.

    In this fashion photography class, students are provided with knowledge of various poses and styles. For instance, sitting poses, standing poses, lying poses, various fashion looks like sport look, casual look, corporate look, ethnic look, etc…

    Moreover, understanding of shaping and modifying the light as per the skin tones, skin textures, face, and expressions are made familiar here. It indeed helps them to apply the same more effectively in wedding photography too. As a result, they get capable of capturing the best frames in both indoor lighting and our lighting.

    One year of professional diploma in Fashion Photography course also has structured sessions on visual aesthetic knowledge. Composition and framing have an important role not only in fashion photography but also in wedding photography.

    Here, we have the sessions that help in understanding composing our subject – models, bride, groom, family and guests at the wedding etc… Most noteworthy, various photography rules are introduced here. In addition to this, visual literacy classes cover the design elements, design principles, and understanding of colors.

    The wedding photojournalism is a specialization in a wedding photography course. Here, we have the most innovative sessions for the understanding of Wedding Ceremony Photography, pre-wedding and post-wedding photography trends and Wedding Party Group Photos.

    The knowledge becomes wider with the understanding of candid photography at weddings, events and other functions.

    Part I: Function Photography
    Part II : Candid Photography
    Part III: Studio Photography

    The most noteworthy portion of the wedding photography course is covered here with wedding cinematography. The basics of videography, lighting for Video shooting slow-motion and time remapping, stabilization, camera movements, and other video shooting techniques are covered here.

    Another key point is the learning of mixing audio (recorded sound and music) with video as well as creating a Photo / Video Slideshow. On the other hand, the next sessions are on the study of video editing.

    • Part I: Wedding highlights
    • Part II: Function Videography
    • Part III: Video Editing

    One of the most essential factors of any type of photography is image editing. Particularly, in this session, we have the introduction to digital image editing software that is widely used in wedding as well as fashion photography.

    This module includes color correction, cropping and framing, designing the images for various purposes, etc… For instance, making of wedding album, fashion magazine, brochure, etc… On the other hand, the next sessions are on the study of video editing.

    • Part I: Digital Album Designing
    • Part II: Magazine Designing

    English and communication skills module is an essential part of the fashion photography course. In fact, it is that part required for every fashion photographer or wedding photographer to communicate with their subjects as well as their clients.

    Communication is the key to any successful photo shoot, but in reality, we give very little importance for it. Whether it’s a fashion shoot or wedding shoot, a communication between photographer and model or photographer and bride or groom results in lively and effective images.

    • Part I: Effective Communication
    • Part II: Types of Communication

    The fashion photo shoot is focused on models, location, props and other aspects of the shoot. The goal of our photo shoot is to create something unique and creative. Eye contact that strikes in the mind of the viewer, creating an identity makes your shoot more productive.

    Our live fashion shoot enables our students to interact and communicate with the models and achieve the best conceptual fashion shoots.

    • Part I: Team Work & Shooting Models
    • Part II: Structuring Portfolio
    • Part II: Conceptual Shoot

    Every individual student needs to prepare their self-portfolio as per the course curriculum. Hence, students can select their themes or concept for the same.

    A printed portfolio, a digital portfolio for fashion photography has to be submitted by each student. At the same time, the wedding cinematography or fashion videography portfolio also needs to be submitted.

    In this course, you will contribute to an internship. It intends to make the students independently work in the field. In the internship program, students can select to work with an artist, photographic or cultural organization, company, festival, commercial industry, gallery, museum or studio, etc…

    This is a Work Combined Learning course designed to enable a practical working relationship between you and particular arts and cultural organizations.

    The Institute makes its maximum efforts to provide maximum possible career opportunities. But, we don’t guarantee any job offering as such.

    Possible Career Opportunities

    • Wedding Photographer
    • Fashion Photographer
    • Function Photographer
    • Candid Photographer
    • Wedding Cinematographer
    • Album Designer
    • Photo Editor

    On the other hand, it is the complete responsibility of each student to find a suitable job, acquire the necessary eligibility for applying for the job vacancies, and actively perform well in the interviews.

    We do not guarantee or take any responsibility for the placement. We do not provide any Jobs. The Institute will provide placement guidance only.


    The camera is an important instrument for any photographer.  For every individual, the best is different.

    For pursuing the fashion and wedding photography course at Creative Hut, you need to compulsorily bring any one DSLR camera, lens, and laptop.

    Fashion/ Wedding Photography = A DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle / Fish Eye Lens.

    Creative Hut provides food and hostel to all its students and faculties on the campus. In fact, Creative Hut follows a Gurukul way of learning. Therefore, students and faculties stay in one campus area.

    An eco-friendly campus with best-staying facilities and fresh food is made available for all creative hut students and teachers. These facilities are available during the course of study as well as also provided for our alumni too.

    The first thing to remember is that this course offered by Creative Hut is a residential course only.


    udith ullas

    Udith Ullas Photographer Kannur, Kerala

    “A good place to start a career in photography and basic life principles. I had my hard times and with the help of Abin sir, Anu mam, Elango sir and their family. I have come a long way. Now I am an alumnus and miss the old good days and friends from different states.”


    pranesh s

    Pranesh S Photographer Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    “A Life with Guru in Gurukulam marks a turning point in our life. Sharing Knowledge, and learning with new friends, all from different places and backgrounds, was simply a new experience for all of us. The way of teaching style is different and creative. I am so proud to be a part of this Gurukulam.


    nihal kashyap

    Nihal Kashyap Photographer Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

    “Our teachers always appreciate and motivate us to do well.Our respected Here is homely atmosphere, tasty and healthy food are served.For our health everyday so many activities are performed like Yoga,sports etc………….!


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