Photojournalism Course

One Year Professional Diploma
In Photojournalism, Documentary & Street Photography

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    Convey Reality with True Photo Story

    Photojournalism is a field where storytelling images play a vital role. Photographers convey their messages through their images. While the journalists make reports of the facts through their writings. Those who love to travel and have a communication tact can definitely explore the field of photojournalism. It is for sure a noble as well as an adventurous profession. Hence those interested in pursuing photojournalism as their career, a complete course for it is a must. Indeed you must be ready to cope up with the ups and downs, the risk and comfort of this field.


    What are you going to learn?
    • Fundamentals of Photography
    • Language of Lighting
    • Visual Language and Journalism
    • Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Photojournalism and Aesthetics
    • Documentary Photography
    • Documentary Video Journalism
    • Photo & Video Editing
    • Communication Skills
    • Documentary Photography Tour
    • Professional Portfolio
    • Career Guidance
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    Admission is open for Photojournalism Course 2022 – 2023 batch. The classes will start on 21st September 2022. Batch Strength : 6 Seats

    Photojournalism Course will introduce students to nature photography, travel photography, and documentary photography. Students will learn about different camera techniques and formats, digital editing, and alternative photographic practices.

    Today Photojournalists need to have a deep understanding of different cameras, lenses, and techniques. Indeed, this course will introduce you to new media and digital operations. Therefore this course will be the right choice for those planning for the Media field. Above all the travel photojournalism course will function as a part study tour, seminar and will help you to explore the world.

    Photojournalism Course covers the students to learn photography and take them to the professional. This course is designed to inspire you and deliver the skills you will need to develop a beautiful and stunning reportage of your travel.

    Therefore the curriculum designed here provides students with detailed theoretical and practical understanding of the profession.

    Photojournalism Course
    • Fundamentals of Camera and its techniques
    • Languages of lighting
    • Mastering of Travel photography
    • Travel Video Journalism
    • Photojournalism and Aesthetics
    • Photo and Video Editing
    • English and Working Skills.

    Developing the skill of writing along with the capturing of images is the highlighting part of this course. Students are engaged with experimenting with both the camera techniques and writing ability. Students here learn various possibilities of reporting the facts and situations in the most effective manner. Furthermore, travel photography tours will allow students to travel to different places and prepare various news stories.

    First and foremost, students are introduced to both camera and photography. They will also learn to operate their digital camera beyond the auto setting. Even more, they will be required to take photos beyond the classroom to successfully complete photo assignments.

    Students get introduced to the structure of the DSLR camera and lens, camera settings, and various photography techniques. In addition, students will have hands-on practices on DSLR cameras in natural daylight as well as night photography.

    This session is designed to develop understanding and control of the lighting. Students will be introduced to various lighting situations. These situations are studied to understand the limitations, advantages, and disadvantages of various lighting environments. They learn to utilize the available light on the spot for the best results.

    Indoor lighting equipment and techniques are introduced for more professional set-ups. Certainly, these understandings help them for their future careers in the media.

    Regular photography assignments improve the quality of the images. As a result, it enables them with the confidence to face the situations.

    The visual language here describes the perception, comprehension, and production of visible signs. Students here capture the photos to grab the viewer’s attention and to communicate with them. They learn the various ways of communication and its significances. In addition to this, writing skills as per news reporting and writing are introduced and practiced here.

    This session covers the major types of Photography.

    • Part I: Art and Culture Photography
    • Part II: Village Experience
    • Part III: Photography Tricks

    There is a real importance of visual language in any travel photography course. Similarly, it’s true for the Photojournalism course too. The course here is designed to achieve this in both aspects.

    The storytelling point of view in travel photography, as well as news stories in terms of journalism and photojournalism, has a great relationship. The involvement of generic elements like different emotions and expressions has a great significance. Indeed this provides exact ingredients in photographic coverage of smaller to bigger issues in news stories.

    It introduces the students to the various features of travel photography. For instance, history, prominent forms, styles, practitioners, techniques, practice, and ethical concerns of Travel Photography. The course also explores thematic, and narrative visual constructions

    • Part I: Nature Photography
    • Part II: Landscape Photography
    • Part III: Travel Photography

    Introduction to Photojournalism session gives students an understanding of the practice of professional photojournalism. They learn to approach various situations with a view toward comprehensive, in-depth and authentic photo documentation. The course will also cover industry expectations for professional photojournalists.

    Part I: Reporting
    Part II: Journalistic Writing
    Part III: News Story

    Regular assignments will be a part of the Photojournalism course. Indeed they come across finding the Visual Variety in the Photo Story, with a focus on image content and effective composition.

    The favorite session of the photojournalism course for many who are fond of capturing the portraits, street, black and white photographs. The expression and story in itself is the key essence of such images.

    Students are involved with the practical sessions of documentary photography as well as its subcategories.

    Part I: Documentary Photography
    Part II: Black and White Photography
    Part III: Street Photography
    Part IV: Portrait Photography

    Video Journalism enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the frames. Similarly, they practically perform communication by capturing visuals, recording videos, writing, and then reporting.

    Part I: Travel Videography
    Part II: Vlog
    Part III: Documentary Videography

    More often they are assigned the process and challenges of gathering news and news stories. Indeed this helps them to analyze the credibility of information, news judgment, and the role of news agencies.

    Photojournalism demands a pleasing presentation of photographs and videography. Image editing and video editing session here helps students to develop their editing skills before they present their works.

    As a photojournalist, understanding in terms of using relevant images and videos is required. As a result, students will learn here to edit images thoughtfully and present them in their news stories.

    Practical assignments with the use of various editing software are a part of this session. Moreover, it helps the students to meet their professionalism in a perfect manner.

    The best communication skills are improved here. This part of the course aims in developing both the communicative and soft skills of the students. As a result, students develop the inner confidence to provide well journalistic writing and reporting.

    Most noteworthy, students here start loving the language of English. Firstly, they start interacting and communicating with their classmates on campus. Thereafter, they allowed for field visits where they explore these skills to a greater extent. They undergo Basic communication, understand its importance in reporting and presentation, and finally in their portfolio making.

    This course gives a real combination of a nature photography course, landscape photography course, travel photography course, documentary photography course, and photojournalism course. The best part of the course is here, where you travel to different destinations. They experience the nature photography, travel photography, landscape photography, and documentary photography here.

    Various National and International photography study tours are carried out here. This stands to be the most attractive factor than any of the above. Tours to regional festival-oriented places, iconic locations, and inner unexplored streets are some to mention.

    Finally, the portfolio is the output that each student needs to make and submit. Each student work on the portfolio individually. Obviously, faculty assistance will be provided to them.

    Students need to present their own portfolios based on travel photography and photojournalism.

    Photojournalism Course Program Fees: Rs. 393500 + Rs.10000 (Refundable Caution Deposit)

    Course fees includes Tuition Fees, Practical Batch Tours in Kerala, Uniforms, Hostel and Food in the campus, and GST tax payable.

    • Registration Fees: Rs.6555
    • Course Fees: Rs.260123+18% GST
    • Hostel & Food : Rs.70000
    • Portfolio Books : Rs.10000
    • Wildlife Photography Tour: National tours in India and International tour costs will be additional and need to be borne by the students.

    Easy Payment Schedule: Fees can be paid in installments.

    • At the time of Admission: Rs.6555/-
    • 1st Installment: Rs.123132+GST =Rs.145295
    • 2nd Installment: Rs.90000
    • 3rd Installment: Rs.86491+ GST =Rs.102060
    • 4th Installment: Rs.50500+ GST =Rs.59590

    Note: All the taxes and charges imposed by the Government from time to time are applicable to the fees and are to be compulsorily paid by each student. At present the GST is 18% and further any change in it will be applicable on the fee. National & International Photography tour costs will be extra and need to be borne by the students. This course offered by Creative Hut is a residential course only.

    This program is designed for students planning career in photography as well as media. It’s also well-suited to professionals of all levels in photography, photojournalism, videojournalism, and editing.

    Institute provides Placement assistance and guides the students to achieve the best possible opportunities in the field of photography, videography, and editing. But, it is the complete responsibility of each student to find a suitable job and vacancy after the course.

    Possible Career Opportunities

    • Photojournalist
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Photo & Video Editor
    • Cameraman in Media
    • Photographer in Media

    We do not guarantee or take any responsibility for the placement. We do not provide any Jobs. The Institute will provide placement guidance only.

    Know your necessary equipment required for the travel photojournalism course.

    A DSLR camera of any brand and a laptop is compulsory. In addition to that, you may go through the following list. All of them are not compulsory but may help you in achieving the best results.

    Architecture / Interior / Landscape Photography / Travel Photography
    DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle / Fish Eye Lens
    Street / Documentary / Portrait Photography DSLR + Zoom Lens + Prime Lens

    Equipment for Residential
    Good & simple living is the key factors in residential life

    The staying is provided on the campus surrounded by nature. Every student will be allotted one cot. Please note the list of other necessary equipment that you need to bring along with you will be provided to the students along with the confirmation letter.

    Hostel Facility

    Creative Hut is a Gurukul and hence institute takes care of all students staying together on one campus. One of the greatest advantages of learning in the Gurukul educational system is the residential facility on the campus. We provide food and accommodation to all its students and faculties on the campus premises. Separate hostel facility is provided for boys and girls.

    Food Facility

    The common cafeteria where food that tastes as one’s homemade food, the facility of the cot, shared rooms, sanitation, etc… are available for gents and ladies separately on the campus. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are available for the students and faculties in the institute cafeteria. Students do not need to pay anything as extra fees for the food and accommodation on the campus.

    The first thing to remember is that Creative Hut offers a residential course only.



    suyash chimankar

    Suyash Chimankar Cinematographer Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

    “I am very glad of myself that I am part of this institute.If you want to learn photography by heart, then come once to this institute. Thank you so much creative hut of institute for being a part of my life ❤️❤️❤️❤”.

    arjun a Raj

    Arjun A Raj Photographer Alappuzha, Kerala

    “I have been a part of the creative hut family for around 1 year. I was very happy with the teaching and I was very much proud to be a member of the creative hut institute of photography.”

    kasina bhanuprakash

    Kasina Bhanuprakash Photographer Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

    “The main scheme the GURUKUL way of learning has changed my view about studies completely, bought much more discipline & living with guru’s is the best thing I’ve experienced. Other than studies, sports & study tours are major things that I loved here. Creative hut made my future goals clear and perfect. And I feel blessed to be a part of this institute.”


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