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Diploma In Photography
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One Course Many Specializations

The professional diploma in Photography course prepares the students for their professional career.  It is coupled with photography classes, hands-on indoor & outdoor practices. Furthermore, with photography study tours, field visits, outdoor assignments, live projects, photo walks, photo talks, studio practices, guest lectures, and demos, etc… In addition, the one-year diploma in photography provides specializations in photography, videography, photo editing, designing, and video editing.  Even more, you get full-time faculty guidance, the facilities like hostel and food on the campus.


What are you going to learn?
  • Fundamentals of Photography
  • Photojournalism and Aesthetics
  • Lighting Languages and Aesthetics
  • Videography and Video editing
  • Fashion and Wedding Photography
  • Nature and Wildlife Photography
  • Product and Food Photography
  • Digital Image Editing
  • English and Work Place Skills
  • Professional Portfolio Development
  • Industry Internship
  • Placement Guidance
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Admission Open for 2021 – 2022 batch. The class starts from August 2021.

The professional photography course program focuses on developing your skills in various photography genres. Especially you get hands-on practice, technical knowledge, and study tours. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to invest separately for each photography category. Creative classes and outdoor photo study tours will explore and express your creativity.

Furthermore, the professional photography course contains theory, fieldwork, practical, coffee table books or portfolio, communication skills, exercise & yoga sessions, individual assessment, group works, leadership qualities, internship, and job assistance. As a result, each student will acquire the encouragement to work hard and excel in this competitive world. Hence aims to increase your confidence to lead your professional photography career.


This course, diploma in photography is designed to provide the best photography course curriculum one can ever have. It covers DSLR photography, DSLR Cinematography course, Photo Designing, Photo Editing, and Video editing. Additionally, we cover 21 specializations.

Hence, the course also gives the opportunity to prepare the most innovative and unique Portfolio including various categories of photography.

Professional Photography Courses in India

Curriculum covers,

  1. Wildlife Photography, Macro Photography, Birds Photography, Insects Photography
  2. Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Travel Photography,
  3. Street Photography, Documentary Photography, Photojournalism
  4. Portrait Photography, Candid Photography
  5. Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography, Event & Function Photography
  6. Product Photography, Table-top Photography, Food Photography
  7. Advertising photography
  8. Architecture & Interior Photography
  9. Abstract Photography, Black and White Photography
  10. Art & Culture Photography, Fine Arts Photography
  • Course Code: PDAP101 & PY 1711
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 210 hrs

First of all, this is the introductory and the most important session of the course. Indeed here, one’s creativity & technical understanding is developed. Learning from the basics of DSLR photography is what makes one’s foundation in photography more strong.

It covers the understanding of photography and camera, history of the camera, structure of DSLR camera and lens, camera settings, different types of lenses, DSLR camera, basic aspects of digital imaging exposure and various photography techniques. Furthermore, it also covers, color balance and color concept in photography.

  • Part 1: Travel and Nature Photography
  • Part 2: Creative Photography
  • Part 3: UV Light Photography
  • Part 4: Tricks in Photography
  • Course Code: PDAP102 & PY 1712
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 200 hrs

Visual literacy is the study of combining the ability of interpretation and creating meaningful information presented in the form of an image. One gets the Visual understanding of the art in photography in terms of both observation & creation.

Professional photography courses in India are of great demand. The session covered in this part is designed to teach you the fundamentals of interior and architecture photography, photojournalism and documentary photography.

  • Part 1: Street and Portrait Photography
  • Part 2: Architecture Photography
  • Part 3: Abstract Photography
  • Part 4: Landscape Photography

Even more, this session teaches techniques and applications of Zone System as a valid and practical method of mastering black and white photography. Indeed, these are the useful factors for documentary photography, photojournalism and architecture photography.


  • Course Code: PDAP103 & PY 1713
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 220 hrs

Here, you have the study on the characteristics and qualities of photographic light in both natural and artificial lights. Specifically, you learn how they can be manipulated and controlled to communicate an artistic vision. Thus you get the understanding and control of the lighting. Even more, the practical application of various qualities of light in any environment are carried out here.

  • Part 1: Natural light Photography
  • Part 2: Artificial light Photography
  • Part 3: Flash Photography
  • Part 4: Strobe/Studio light Photography

The emphasis of this part is location lighting, understanding of lighting techniques with studio equipments in natural and artificial light sources. It also covers study on modification of light on the basis of characteristics of subjects namely surface, texture, form, shape and color.


  • Course Code: PDAP104 & PY 1714
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 100 hrs

Students will be guided by understanding videography and video editing. With the upcoming trend in DSLR videography or cinematography, students here will be given wide knowledge with practical self and group projects. Videography / Cinematography session enables the student to analyze and utilize all their skills and knowledge.  Indeed, they gain confidence through the entire course in making Videography and Video editing.

  • Part 1: Documentary
  • Part 2: Short Film
  • Part 3: Advertisement (Ad) Film
  • Part 4: Cinematography Project
  • Course Code: PDAP105 & PY 1715
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 100 hrs

Advertisement and commercial photography sessions enable the student to analyze and utilize all the skills and knowledge they gained through the entire course in making their final portfolio. Similarly, they will experience the best fashion photography, wedding photography, product photography and innovation function photography.

In this wedding photography course session, students will be guided with an understanding of wedding photography trends. Particularly, you will be entering into the glamour industry and commercial photography field. For instance the wedding photography, fashion photography, event and function photography.

  • Part 1: Fashion Photography
  • Part 2: Function Photography
  • Part 3: Wedding Photography
  • Part 4: Advertising Photography
  • Course Code: PDAP106 & PY 1716
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 140 hrs

The most interesting session of the Professional Photography course is practiced here where students are closely related to nature. Unlike any other genre of photography, Wildlife is mainly challenging. Indeed, they start practicing from the campus area to the world outside. As a result, students here at topmost professional photography college Kerala get the best chance to get inspiration from the environment.

  • Part 1: Wildlife Animals Photography
  • Part 2: Wildlife Birds Photography
  • Part 3: Insects Photography / Macro Photography
  • Part 4: Landscape Photography

The wildlife photography course here to love and respect the beauty in nature and wild creatures. They get the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by capturing it more efficiently.


  • Course Code: PDAP107
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 80 hrs

The special part of the course, where different types of products are learned to be photographed in different lighting setups. The study on the techniques where products with different surfaces such as reflective material, absorptive and transparent materials are photographed are carried out. The cosmetics, textiles, crockery, jewelry, electronic materials, accessories for men, women, and kids, etc… are learned to be photographed both in indoor and outdoor lighting. This session also covers the photography of attractive and variety of food items and dishes both in cooked and uncooked presentations.

  • Part 1: Product Photography
  • Part 2: Food Photography
  • Part 3: Still Life Photography
  • Part 4: Table Top Photography
  • Course Code: PDAP108
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 140 hrs

Photographs need to be presented well so that it conveys the exact true message that the photographer wanted to inform the viewers. Digital image editing is a session where students go through the editing software applying the process of retouching, editing and designing the images. Each class session has incorporated with different modes of learning and practicing the techniques of software tools and reflecting it upon the best results.

  • Part 1: Image Editing (Lightroom)
  • Part 2: Image Retouching (Advance Photoshop)
  • Part 3: Image Colour Grading (Lightroom/Photoshop)
  • Part 4: Book / Magazine Designing (InDesign)

Students discuss and edit their work, interpret the images of the present and past and produce images that effectively communicate the message.


  • Course Code: PDAP109 & PY 1717
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 240 hrs

Wondering what is the role of English in a professional photography course. The course intends to develop both the communicative and soft skills of the learners thus developing him/her to be more productive at the workplace. The course follows the task-based, process to product and activity-oriented curriculum.

  • Part 1: Basic Communication
  • Part 2: Presentation Skills
  • Part 3: Skill Development & Self confidence
  • Part 4: Entrepreneurship Development

Finally, here learning is knowledge construction and learners interact with the study materials, with the teachers and the peer groups and with their surroundings to generate knowledge.


Experimentation & Exploration
Every student has to put forth their ability in the form of the portfolio with a collection of their photos in every genre of photography and videography. Every student has to submit the same as per the submission date, submit format and specified criteria.

Faculty will be available at the Academy to provide feedback and corrections throughout the session for the making of the portfolio. Faculty will assign and guide students for the project with necessary guidelines on shooting and editing etc…

Photography Portfolio
Every student has to present their individual portfolio covering the various genre of photography in the form of eleven different chapters. The final project made by them must be postulate in a printed format as well as digital format to the institute as their final portfolios.

Videography Portfolio
Every student has to also submit their videography portfolio as per the institute prescribed format. The portfolio may contain documentary, short film, advertisement film, etc…

The final portfolio will be analyzed by the panel of examiners/ juries, according to which the marks will be released.

Have a look at our students’ portfolios


  • Course Code: PDAP110 & PY 1718
  • Credit Point / Marks: 100 Marks
  • Course Duration: 30 days

The student should undergo an industrial internship for a period of four weeks in one stretch in any genre of photography, videography or editing at any commercial company, photographic studio, media organization or related industrial establishment, etc…

  • Work Area: Private Sector
  • Work Area: Public Sector
  • Work Area: Commercial Sector
  • Work Area: Media Organisations

Possible Internships / Placements or Job Roles as

  1. Professional photographer in the e-commercial company
  2. Director of Photography in the Film Production Company
  3. Photographer for Newspaper
  4. Videographer for Television / Channel
  5. Wedding, Function and Event Photographer
  6. Wedding, Function and Event Cinematographer
  7. Freelance Photographer & Freelance Videographer
  8. Photo & Video Editor, Album Designer
  9. Entrepreneur or business or studio
  10. Photojournalist
  11. Photo mentor or Faculty

A career in Photography has wide scope and opportunities. Above all, the regular assignments, live projects, and innovative portfolios will widely open the opportunities for your future professional career as;

Photojournalist, Interior & Architecture Photographer, Function and Event Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Food Photographer, Product Photographer, Macro and insects Photographer, Wildlife Photographer, Documentary Photographer, Sports Photographer, Fine art Photographer, New Born Baby Photographer, Videographer, Video Editor & Photo Editor, Album Designer and Magazine Designer

However, it is an important responsibility of each student to find a suitable job. The Institute does not take any responsibility for Placement. We do not offer any jobs. We provide career guidance only.

For further placement-related details, go to the link provided here. Read More


Professional Photography Course Program fees Includes: Registration Fees + Tuition Fees + Food and Accommodation in the campus + Uniform + 18% GST

  • Program Fees: Rs.383500/-
  • Refundable Caution Deposit: Rs.10000/
  • Easy Payment Schedule:
Registration Fees : Rs.6555/- (At the time of Admission )
1st Payment Section : Rs.155295/-
2nd Payment Section : Rs.70000/- 
3rd Payment Section : Rs.102060/-
4th Payment Section : Rs.59590/-

All the taxes and charges imposed by the Government from time to time are applicable to the fees and are to be compulsorily paid by each student.  The above-mentioned fees are including GST 18% and 1% Kerala Flood cess. Further, any changes that may be imposed by the Govt., will be added and needs to be paid by the students additionally. National & International Photography tour costs will be extra.


Every artist needs a toolkit. Meet yours for the Professional photography course.

PDAP program is involved with art and technical study, every candidate need to have anyone DSLR Camera and laptop for undergoing regular practical study. We suggest some cameras and lenses for your purchases although all of these are not compulsory. The list of equipment that you will need to have during the Course study, will be provided to you on admission or along with the confirmation letter.

Macro / Insects Photography DSLR + Macro Lens / Extension Tube
Architecture / Interior / Landscape Photography DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle / Fish Eye Lens
Fashion / Wedding Photography DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle / Fish Eye Lens
Street / Documentary / Portrait Photography DSLR + Zoom Lens + Prime Lens
Wildlife Photography DSLR + Zoom Lens + Tele Lens + Tele Convertor

Equipment for Residential
Good & simple living is the key factors in residential life

The staying is provided on the campus surrounded by nature. Every student will be allotted with one cot. Please note the list of other necessary equipment that you need to bring along with you will be provided to the students along with the confirmation letter.


How to Join for Professional Photography Course?

Applying for photography admission is easier than you think. You may follow the Online Procedure or Offline Procedure. For any of these procedures, just complete four simple steps and launch your future in the art of photography.

Step 1: Know your Course and Gurukul
The first step in joining our family is to meet or have a telephonic conversation or Whatsapp chat with our Admission Counsellor/faculty, who will introduce you to our Gurukulam culture, eco-friendly campus and study structure. Listen closely to what you want from Institute, and will help you determine if this particular course and CREATIVE HUT is the right fit for you.

Step 2: Apply your Name
Candidate need to submit the filled application form with their below details either directly to institute office or send email to admission@creativehut.org
Copy of candidate’s 10th Certificate & Marksheet Copy of candidate’s anyone valid id-address proof (Aadhar card/Voters Id/Driving license etc..)
Copy of any other qualification certificate (if available)

Step 3: Payment of Registration Fees
Once your documents are received and verified by the institute, you will then need to pay the non-refundable registration fees rs.6500/ + 1% cess either directly to the institute office or through NEFT/ net banking/ DD, etc… Institute Bank details will be provided to the candidate on request.

Step 4: Seat Confirmation
Finally, when you are with the above three steps, your seat is registered for the upcoming batch. You now become the part of Creative Hut and will receive a Confirmation Letter. Now, be ready with your tools and gearbox to shift to your new home.


Candidate with minimum qualification of 10th from any state or central Board is eligible for the course.

Candidates with 12th / +2 / any diploma / any graduation / any post-graduation are also eligible for the course.

For the registration or admission, kindly click on Apply Now below. You can either visit the institute and complete the admission procedure. Or you may follow the admission procedure online on the Apply Now page.


Creative Hut is a Gurukul and hence institute takes care of all students staying together on one campus. One of the greatest advantages of learning in the Gurukulam educational system is the residential facility on the campus. We provide food and accommodation to all its students and faculties on the campus premises.

The common cafeteria where food that tastes as one’s homemade food, shared rooms, sanitation, etc… are available for students and faculties separately on the campus. Most noteworthy, students do not need to pay anything as extra fees for the food and accommodation on the campus.



ramees rajan

Ramees Rajan Photographer Karunagappally, Kerala

“Before coming here I thought the whole photography process was just a click but I understood that the world of photography is wide spread. Now I can express my view in frames. Thanks to Creative hut”.



ashik george bestin

Ashik George Bastin Official Photographer Kerala Blasters Football Club

“Creative Hut has helped me to grow & reach where I am right now. It’s an honor to Study under such great personalities. Thank you for the opportunity.”

manu joseph

Manu Joseph Photographer Thrissur, Kerala

“Photography is not just an art it is the way of expressing thoughts and emotions. Here in Creative Hut its not clicking your camera  its a zoom into your lives to get a clear focus on everything.”


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