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Creamy Desserts


In my entire life, I haven’t met a person yet who hates creamy desserts . Though desserts are rich in fats and sugar, they can make your day a lot better. After eating our favourite dessert , we feel like everything is going all right.Eating desserts after meal can make us feel calmer. In short , desserts are happiness. Jason Love, an American musician and comedian expresses his love for deserts by saying, ‘ I want to have a good body , but not as much as I want desserts” .

Have you ever noticed an instant feeling of happiness after eating your favourite creamy desserts, a feeling like you have found a heaven on earth? If No, then probably you are lying.

Desserts don’t contain sugar and fats only.Many desserts contain the natural sweetness of fruits and dry fruits . Apart from this, desserts can take away all you stress. Even the word ‘Stressed’ when spelt backward becomes ‘Desserts’.

A tasty ride in sky

Cookie balloon: A tasty ride in sky

Cakes, cookies and cherries

Tasty table top: Cakes, cookies and cherries

Sweetness of strwaberries

Pink delight: Sweetness of strawberries

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