Create a DVD Cover & DVD Sticker in Adobe Indesign


Adobe Indesign can be used to design a new DVD cover for your portfolio, business, or wedding, for example. Before you begin, measure the DVD case where the cover will be inserted, or the cover or insert used on the same type of case.The standard DVD case insert, for example, measures 27.6 centimetres by 18.5 centimetres, with a 1.4 centimetre spine in the centre; however, the dimensions of your case may vary.Adobe Indesign is layout and page design and desktop publishing software.

Open Adobe InDesign and choose New from the File menu, or press Ctrl+N on your keyboard. Change the measurement units to centimeters by clicking on them. Enter the DVD cover width and height and press Ok or Create.

Step:1 – Create spine box

Choose the Rectangle tool (M) and click on the document. Enter the spine measurement width value of 1.4 centimeters and the height value of 18.5 centimeters and press OK.Then, with the align option selected, centre it on the page. Select a layer in the properties panel, then click the Align horizontal centre and Align vertical centre options.

If you don’t know where to find the “Align” option, here are some tips. Take a look at the Properties Panel in the Windows menu. “Align” can be found in the “Properties” Panel

Step:2 – Create Title on the spine box

Using the Horizontal Type Tool (T), type the DVD’s title. Right-click the text layer and choose Rotate 90-Degrees Clockwise from the menu that appears. After that, use the align option to centre it on the page…So, in the properties panel, select a layer and then click on the Align horizontal centre and Align vertical centre buttons.

If you’d like to include additional information, such as the author’s name or the serial number, you can do it.

Step:3 – Insert a Title on the Front Cover

You can use the Horizontal Type Tool in the Toolbox to add a title to the cover by dragging the cursor over the upper right corner of the canvas. Add a Center Alignment icon to your properties panel by adjusting the font size, font colour, and font type settings.

Step:4 – Insert a Image to the DVD’s Front Cover

You can use the toolbox’s Rectangle Frame tool (F) by clicking on a portion of the canvas and filling in the measurement value width=8.8 cm and height=13.3 cm. Press ctrl+D to place an image on the cover and Fill the frame by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C. Drag the image into the location where you want it.

Step:5 – Put a Description to the DVD’s Back Cover

Drag the Horizontal Type Tool over the back cover and enter a description for the DVD. “Font size is 8 points, font leading space is 12 points, and left justify alignment were used here”

In addition, you can include a profile photo and your name in your signature. Use the Rectangle Frame tool (F) click on the document and fill in the width=3.1 cm and height=4.6 cm measurements. To add a profile photo, press ctrl+D. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C will fill the frame. Drag the image to the desired location.

For this purpose, free “Handwriting Signature Fonts” such as Arty Signature can be used. Then, from the character panel, select the font you downloaded and type your name.

Step:6 – Is to place your copyright information and company logo on the back cover.

Press ctrl+D to place and drag the image to where you want it.

Step:7 – Save the document for printing and sharing or uploading it to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Save your Indesign document as an INDD file format if you plan on creating more DVD covers in the future. A new photo and editable text will be available for each new cover you create.

Export as a JPEG file if you want to print, share, or upload it to social media. Low quality for social media (72dpi) and high quality for printing (300 dpi)

Step:8 – Create a DVD sticker

To use the Ctrl+N shortcut, press your keyboard’s Enter key. By clicking on them, you can change the units to centimeters. Enter the DVD Sticker dimensions of 11.75cm x 11.75cm and press OK or Create to proceed.

Step:9 – Insert a Image

Rectangle Frame tool (F) can be used by selecting a portion of the canvas and entering width=11.75 cm and height=11.75 cm in the toolbox. Ctrl+D will allow you to add an image for stickers.

By pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C, you can completely fill the frame. Then just drop it wherever you want it.

Step:10 – Add copyright content

Make a circle with the Ellipse Shape Tool and enter the dimensions 10.75cm x 10.75cm. For the time being, use the Type on a Path Tool to create your own content.

Then go to Type Menu > Type on a Path > Options > Flip > click ok. And how do you want to place the text?

Step:11 – Add Title for DVD Sticker

To add a title to the DVD Sticker, simply drag the Horizontal Type Tool over the canvas. To add a Center Alignment icon to your properties panel, change the font size, colour, and type of the font.

Step:12 – Add a Shape to Indicate Non-Printable Areas

Create a 2cm x 2cm Ellipse Shape with the Ellipse Shape Tool. Place in the middle of the canvas.

Step:13 – Save the document

Make sure to save your Indesign document as an INDD file format if you plan on creating more DVD Sticker in the future. Creating a new sticker unlocks the ability to add a new photo and customize the text.

A JPEG file format can be export as for printing, sharing, and uploading to social media. Low quality (72 dpi) for social media and high quality (300 dpi) for printing


After this tutorial, you’ll be prepared to implement what you’ve learned to use anytime.


Creating even a simple DVD cover & DVD Sticker in a matter of minutes is possible. This tutorial was completed with the help of the shape tool, the frame tool, and the text tool.


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