A brand book is a document that contains the central values and principles of a company and brand identity guidelines.

It contains all the essential information about the brand: a description of values, philosophy, methods of the positioning of the company, and development strategies. It outlines your brand’s identity and core values and ensures that your brand image stays consistent. Its purpose is to act as the definitive reference point for all employees when interacting with and on behalf of your brand.


The name “creativegraphy” is the combination of two important words in the developing of the brand that is “creative” and “graphy”.Creativity is the power to make your ideas, imagination, and dreams come true. When you’re being creative, you can spot hidden patterns, find connections between seemingly unrelated objects, and come up with new ideas.

Creative aptitude is dependent on innovative thinking, which is a combination of hard work and solving problems in creative and innovative ways. Graphy is a Greek word meaning combining drawing, writing, representing, recording, and describing. The main objective of creativegraphy is to create new and creative ideas and designs in Photography, Cinematography, Content Creation, Music Album, and Digital Marketing.

The logo was inspired by the exact two words: creativity and graphy. Creativity is represented by a pencil, which is the foundation for any creative and new concept, and graphs is represented by an aperture ring, which is one of the major elements for capturing the correct amount of light in an image or video.

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Designs & Text by Jobin Thomas from Kottayam, Kerala. With a vision to explore the visual field, He completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography and KGTE in Photography from Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala.

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