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Education is the key to a successful life. It is the major factor that opens several opportunities for one who acquires it. Education gets even more meaningful when one adapts those learning in their lives. A fruitful education is when one learns to analyze one's skills and find ways to enhance it. At the same time analyze their problems and weaknesses and find ways to overcome them. Creative Hut Gurukul has thus a story behind its begining.

Over the years, the academic method of education has found to be less fruitful to the young generation. The passing percentage of the students in their academic courses are increasing. But at the same time their success in life is decreasing. Unboubtedly, there might be several reasons for the same. Some gets highly worried about the heavy curriculum pattern of academic studies, fear of future, loneliness, depression, anxiety, frustration, etc... On the otherhand, some faces family issues, health problems, addiction to smoking, alcohol, drugs, internet, mobile phones, etc…

Study states that in 2021, around 45% of college students in India of the age group from 19 to 29 years had symptoms of depression and anxiety. Irrespective of the gender, students of this age group face mental trauma and lack confidence in themselves. As a result, they fail in acquiring a good career and a better life. The challenging part of today's education is to make the students, their parents and the society realize the need of adapting a different education system. Particularly, a system that would enable the students to become creative, inovative and sustainable for a better future. Henceforth, here lies the foundation of Creative Hut Gurukul.

Eco-friendly Environment
Organic Farming & Mini Forest

Learning and working in an environment that is close to nature and provides freshness to mind and soul is an important factor that improves one's performance. Creative Hut Gurukul located amidst nature provides an eco-friendly campus for creative minds with lush greenery all around, a river flowing on one side, small hillocks on another side, tiny creatures, flora and fauna.

Cross Culture Communication
Languages & Celebrations

Communication is an essential part in both personal and professional life. One can not survive alone and excel in their lives without proper communication. Living together in a Gurukul allows each candidate to interact and communicate with each other. Candidates from different states, different cultures and languages here allow cross culture communication.

Self Management Skills
Yoga, Exercise & Sports

A healthy mind and body can lead one to have best results in all the work they do. Since ancient days, our ancestors used to practice yoga and meditation in India. It is a proven remedy that brings a balance between body, soul and mind. Some like doing Yoga, while some are regular exercise performer. On the otherhand, some are good in games and some are good sport persons.

Learning Methodology
The Gurukul way of learning

Creative Hut Gurukul has a root cause for implementing the concept of unique learning system. Its all about imparting education in a learning environment for the sustainability of each student's future. We follow a learning structure inspired from Indian traditional methodology called “Gurukul way of learning”. A Gurukul is a place where the Teacher and the students stay at the same premises, to learn from their Teachers.

Traditional Ideology
Critical thinking & Indigenous knowledge

Creative Hut Gurukul’s program is where each candidate is allowed to grow in the space and time building up one's indigenous knowledge. The concept relies on observing the nature around us, getting inspiration from it and adapting those in the most creative form.

Skill Development Program
Visual Media for Better Career

Around the world, it has been observed that the students, especially the youth, those who are less interested in their academic studies, show greater interest in the visual images. Photography and camera becomes a part of their lives and a medium to find joy through it. Moreover, the youth get more keen in understanding and learning the art and technology of these visual media.

People behind
the ideology

Team Leads

Learning in a college with an atmosphere of city life never fullfills the education system in the media sector. The founders of Creative Hut experienced this while they started the college first in the middle of the town. The usual classroom system where students had to learn maximum time inside the four walls, was the biggest problem. To overcome this, there was a need of a new concept in the learning pattern with quality education. And thus the couple, Abin Alex (founder) and Anu Joseph (co-founder) came up with this unique ideology of Gurukul.

This study helped them understand the Indian traditional education system called "Gurukul" better. Gurukul was the home of teacher or acharya and was the center for learning and completed their education. Thereupon, all were considered equal as both Teacher and Shishya resided in the same premises. Here at Creative Hut Gurukul, students stay and study with their mentors. It's first of its kind in the media industry around the world. This unique ideology has acclaimed Creative Hut Gurukul as the first photography residential school in the world.

Abin Alex


Anu Joseph



Case study
There is a need for the learning pattern that can make the youth stronger mentally and skillfully. A learning methodology that enables them to have critical thinking and problem solving attitude towards their lives. A learning environment and process where students learn to learn, and come up with new ideas. Furthermore, get courageous to accept the risks and enhance their skills, do things that they had never done before.

Creative Hut analysed this problem and aimed in building up a place and atmosphere for the young generation to have creative learning. In addition to that a space to build-up their professional career and sustainability in one's life. Creative Hut Education aims to provide a learning environment with professional studies to the students. As a result, learn how to turn the problems into opportunities.

Creative Hut Gurukul concept is an initiative to solve the major problems that today’s generation is facing. And at the same time building up their character as well as developing their skills with a career oriented course program in media and entertainment. As a result, this startup is a structure where the young candidates.

  a. Get free from Addictions, Depressions, & Frustrations.
  b. Start to inbuilt Critical Thinking & Innovation.
  c. Learn from Nature, Biomimicry & cultivate
  d. Problem Solving   Attitude.
  e. Grow Sustainability & Build up a strong Career.


Creative Hut Education Pvt. Ltd. calls this project “Creative Hut Gurukul”. A Gurukul concept is where the students or the shishyas and their teachers stay in one premises for a healthy learning and growth. As a result, the shishyas learn the basics of life, get more close to nature, and learn from the practical experiences of the natural environment. They inbuilt indigenous knowledge, learn to think wisely, grow with critical thinking and solve the problems.

An ancient education methodology in India had a greater impact on the students' development. Especially, in their skills, activities, behavior, and creativity. The project of Creative Hut Gurukul is inspired by the Indian traditional education system. Here students and mentors stay in the same campus to gain the lessons practically. It enables them to achieve sustainability in their lives.

It is all about implementing the learning scenario that is based on the Tradition education system. Here the students stay with the teachers in the same premises and learn the basics of life as well as the professional career oriented field of Visual media. It is based on a back-to-basics or home school concept, where student and teacher communication is simple and effective.


To achieve sustainability and better livelihood in one's life, a professional training program is an essential factor. Our honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi launched the Skill India campaign. The main aim was to promote the skill, vocational training to Indian youth for a better livelihood and acquire respect in the society.

Creative Hut Gurukul also believes in making our youth and Nation “Atmanirbhar”. It is not just about educating, in fact it is all about bringing up the skilled youth. Hence, a skill development program is the best choice for today’s youth to develop them into a skilled person. Henceforth, it can indeed help them to achieve a better career. The digital visual media program is hence the program that Creative Hut Gurukul had implemented in this project. It's helpful in solving both the problems mentioned earlier i.e. to overcome the stress, depression and frustration as well as to achieve a better livelihood.


The milestone and foundation of Creative Hut Institute of Photography is the moral values, sincere hard work, dedication and commitment to bring together the aspirants and build up their career in Photography. The founder of the institute Abin Alex believes that its beyond a job. In fact, mentoring or teaching is a great as well as wonderful responsibility.

At the same time, it is the opportunity that helps to shape the upcoming generation and lead the photography aspirants towards their professional life. Here we follow unique way of teaching that enables students to lead a valued life filled with dedication, commitment and pleasant presence of mind. Furthermore, with Professional course in photography along with cinematography and editing students buildup a professional career too.

Behind it

Guide us

Grandparents play an essential role in helping you become successful. No matter what the problem is, their answers are always helpful. Infact, they give you the best solutions. Here our parents, Mr. Alex and Mrs. Rosamma Alex are the motivators who play the role of caring gandparents to our students. Lovingly students call them "Papa and Mummy".

One can feel that relief and a peace of mind when you are close to them. They are the stress buffers and most prominent support for the Creative Hut family. They grace one and all, passing their knowledge and life experiences.

Alex T.C


Rosamma Alex


Learning Methodology

The Gurukul way of learning
If a student fails in academic studies, it's not because they are not brilliant. However, this is because they have not been taught the way things can be understood. Gurukul way of learning, enables the teachers to give time and space to analyze each student’s problems or weaknesses. As the learning methodology followed here is residential course program, students are here and initiated to overcome their weaknesses with confidence.

In Indian tradition, the term-"Guru’" means teacher and "Kula" means family or the home. Proper guidance is the essential factor in any learning stage. Teachers play an important role in shaping the character as well as the career of every individual student. Staying in one location enables teachers to understand each student's interests and analyze their skills. Support them in developing their skills to the next level. As it is well said that “Teachers are the second Parents”, here we implement it in its true reality. Being with the students 24 x 7 in the same campus, here teachers make their maximum effort to understand each student’s skills and interests, into priority.

In today’s generation, most of the youngsters and students experience loneliness in their lives. As a result, it cause them a fear that there is no one to listen and understand them. A Gurukul gives a feeling of a home away from home. The loneliness, fears and anxieties are no more when the students are in a place called Gurukul with a feeling of Family. And along with the academic studies, it is fun and fruitful to have a home school experience. Creative hut Gurukul turns to be the second home of every individual student.

Traditional Ideology

Critical thinking & Indigenous knowledge
Creative Hut Gurukul aims in building up the students and today's youth with not only the general knowledge but also with this critical thinking and traditional indigenous knowledge. It is as the traditional Andamanese ethnic group of people called “Ongees” had. The importance of indegenous knowledge is known to be popular with this group of people who survived the Tsunami and Earthquake with their in-depth knowledge.

It's all about training oneself with biomimicry & problem solving. Such as finding the traditional remedies from natural resources like plants, fruits and flowers, etc… to overcome the physical health problems and maintain the mind and body to be healthy and stronger. It also includes the self cooking concept, where the students can cook the food of their interest amidst nature. It opens their minds and engages them in acquiring new knowledge and experiences.

Living with the Gurus or teachers, along with the students coming from different places, speaking different languages and of different cultures, allows each of them to learn how to accept one and all as they are. It makes them stronger to adapt to the situation and enables them to think wisely and cultivate problem solving skills in themselves. The aim is to make today’s students analyze the necessity and act accordingly. To find ways to overcome the situations instead of getting stressed due to it. To identify the problems and to sort those problems with critical thinking for better solutions.


Unique Approach
The unique approach that we implemented in the project of creative hut gurukul in practice is all about providing a platform for them to learn from the environment around them and make them independent with a career-oriented program, and confident of skills to earn a better livelihood in the future.

Creative Hut brings together the aspect of building-up today's youth as a true learner. Rather than just becoming the certificate holders, here students learn from their mentors, the nature surrounding them, and the experiences of day to day life. Along with the professional career oriented course program, Creative Hut Gurukul aim in providing all of these with modern technology. The well-equipped studios, sound editing room, editing suite, etc... are adapted to get this latest technologies.

A selected number of students are enrolled here, who have keen interest in Visual media such as photography, videography and designing. They undergo and experience here this unique and traditional way of learning.Our students are taught to think creatively and critically. Thus encouraged to develop their problem solving skills. They are trained to work independently and collaboratively, by giving opportunities to explore different areas of interest.

on Journey


The greatest support is the advisory team. They are always there to guide with necessary changes and suggest the required implementation. They analyse the present situations and evaluate it for the well being of the institution as well as the study structure for the students.

Despite of being from different places and different field of work, the advisory panel here plays a very essential role in the making of each batch pass out with flying colours. Creative Hut Gurukul follow the education structure supported by this very efficient advisory team.

Dr. Padma Pothukuchi


Fr. Joseph Cheeramvelil, CMI


Fr. Joseph Thekkummattathil, O.C.D


Skill Development Program

Visual Media for Better Career
Our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi launched the Skill India Mission in 2015. It aims in bringing up India with skilled individuals and making them independent and self confident to achieve a better life and career. Inspired by this, the Creative Hut Gurukul project aims to provide a platform for skill development programs in visual media. Particularly, there are mainly 2 reasons to choose the visual media based programs. 

Firstly, since digital technology has been rapidly growing since last decade and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic; the scope of jobs in digital media has increased. If the candidates are well trained and skilled with aesthetic and technical skills in visual media, then there are various opportunities that they can grow further as a photographer, videographer, cinematographer, editor, etc… Still images and videos are a need and requirement of almost every organization. No matter how big or small it is; digital media and visuals play a vital role in the growth of the company. Getting skilled in such programs will definitely help the candidates to obtain a sustainable career further.

Secondly, it is the visual media such as photography, videography, image editing and video editing that today's youth are attracted to. Visual media makes one engaged, and involved in it. Thereupon, the anxiety and frustrations that used to disturb them starts to disappear gradually. Indeed, it is one of the best solutions for the youth to reduce their stress, depression and loneliness.

When it comes to the idea of making the youth independent and confident in their lives with their inner skills and interests, Creative Hut Gurukul embedded the project with visual media education. Initiating and encouraging today’s youth to learn is a challenge in itself. The project of Creative Hut Gurukul ensures a structured course program of Visual Media including Design, Photography, Videography to build up a career for themselves. These are the mediums that can reduce the stress, depression and allow them to move on finding new things and capturing those stories forever.

Visual images whether it's still or moving, plays a vital role in balancing our mental health. Although there are visual media courses and many course programs offered by different colleges around the world, Creative Hut Gurukul has a different approach. Learning from the mentors, by staying in the same premises of the naturally acclaimed environment is one important factors that makes it different from other courses and institutions.

Moreover, one starts forgetting about one's stress, and comes out of their depression and frustrations that they used to have in their past. Camera turns out to be their good companion. Finally they start loving the art and technology of capturing the visual images. And start making efforts to confidently gain income out of it. Compared to any other academic studies, the visual media studies enable the students to do what they love and love what they do. 

Eco-friendly Environment

Organic Farming & Mini Forest
Students are allowed to learn and work at their own pace amidst the natural environment. Creative Hut Gurukul comprises of different areas that are meant for students to grow with nature. Such as a self-cooking corner, farming area, mini-forest, campfire area, animal husbandry and care for domestic animals. Students experience the campfire together as well as have fun self-cooking making them active, energetic and moreover independent.

Ultimately, the campus environ,ment acts as a stress relief for all the students living here. The place for organic farming in the campus, is for growing vegetables, fruit trees, spices, coffee and pepper plants, etc. Students water and nurture those with care, which make them closer to nature. The food for the students is then made with these vegetables. Similarly, the birds and animals are also a part of this eco-friendly campus. It consists of a fish pond with a variety of fishes. Cows, and birds such as ducks, hens, turkeys, guinea birds, love birds, etc… are some of the attractive creatures in the premises that keep the students lively and pleasant all the time.

In addition to all these, Creative hut gurukul provides a mini forest in the campus. It consists of more than 100 trees including the wood trees, fruit trees, some of the rarely found medicinal plants, etc… This mini forest is the destination of a variety of birds every year. Approximately 28 different varieties of butterflies, insects and many birds find refuge in this mini forest area. The visual media study program enables the students to capture the birds and macro or insects from the campus itself. They learn to take ideas from nature and use biomimicry to make things last.

Here the waste including the plastic wastes, and disposable paper wastes are well managed. While the food wastes and animal dung are used for composting and further used as nutrients for plants. This project also ensures the use of solar energy for various purposes.

Self Management Skills

Yoga, Exercise & Sports
Here, in Creative Hut Gurukul we implement the practice of yoga, exercise, various sports and games very often. It promotes self-healing, increases self-awareness and personal power, boosts immunity and increases concentration. Thus, it also helps in fighting against depression and helps in building self-control. It prepares our minds for decision making situations.

The word 'yoga' derived from Sanskrit, literally means 'to join or to unite'. Yoga and exercise sessions together helps in building up a healthy mind and body. It improves sleep, brings a sense of balance and helps for inner peace. Sports and games on the other hand, increases energy in the body and in building team spirit and leadership quality in oneself. It is one of the important factor to keep the body and mind healthy and active.

Cross Culture Communication

Different Languages & Celebrations
Communication is an essential part in both personal and professional life. One can not survive alone and excel in their lives without proper communication. Living together in a Gurukul allows each candidate to interact and communicate with each other. Candidates from different states, different cultures and languages here allow cross culture communication.

The candidates here start understanding the value of various Indian cultures and celebrate the traditional festivals. Whether it's Diwali, Onam, New Year, Holi, Christmas, etc… It is not only the means to celebrate the Indian values but also a major step to reduce the stress in oneself. Its the moments of relief and a true reason for enjoying with one and all.

Family of Togetherness

Soul of the Family

Creative Hut family consists of the students, their parents, all alumni, faculties, management, and staff. And here are the most important members of our family. The people that make each and every day in the campus full of life making and serving here the tasty and healthy food.

They are the soul of the campus that makes Creative Hut family including the students, faculties and staff come together every day. Particularly with fresh breakfasts, hot lunchs and delicious dinners. Each of them are lovingly called "Chechi" which means "Didi" in Hindi for elder sisters.







Strong Support

The existence of the concept of Creative Hut Gurukul is with the help and support of many people in and around. From alumnus, students and their parents, well-wishers, people residing around the college, are all our strong supportive members of Creative Hut family who are part of this journey from long back.

They are always the support and encourangement. At the same time they are who makes Creative Hut a family forever. Passed out students of previous batches visit the campus with their family and friends. This itself shows the love and affection that they hold in their hearts for the college, the place and members of Creative Hut. The efforts taken for the betterment of the education of each student here is truly known to each and every member of Creative Hut Gurukul.


To lead a Gurukul way of learning providing Creative spaces for Creative minds to express & explore their creativity.

A platform providing best education for all the aspirants who wish to excel in this field of Photography industry & Cinematography & craft their dream come true.




Asian World Records
for World's first Photography Gurukul (Residential School)

Champions Book of World Records
for World's first Photography Gurukul (Residential School)

Supreme World Records
for World's first Photography Gurukul (Residential School)



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Department of Technical Education, Kerala approved photography course in Kerala known as Kerala Government Technical Examination (KGTE) in Photography. Creative Hut is the first photography college in Kerala that offers KGTE in photography course program. Creative Hut offers residential Course in Photography and Cinematography course. We have students from all over India. From Kerala, students belongs to places like  Alappuzha,  Ernakulam,  Idukki,  Kannur,  Kasaragod,  Kollam,  Kottayam,  Kozhikode,  Malappuram,  Palakkad,  Pathanamthitta,  Thiruvananthapuram,   Thrissur,  Wayanad. KGTE in Photography Department of Technical Education presented Government of Kerala for consideration of vacancies under Government of Kerala recruited via Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) or any other agency.


NSQF is an integrated National education and competency-based framework that enables persons to achieve desired levels of competence. National Skill Qualification framework aims in preparing person with both theoretical and practical skills efficient enough to perform routine and non-routine jobs. Creative Hut has students from all over India including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Assam, Gujarat, Goa  and Chhattisgarh. Creative Hut is the first institute in India offering residential photography and cinematography courses with an aim to prepare students with multi-tasks skills. We offer courses under the Media and Entertain­ment Skill Council (MESC), NSQF level certification of level 3 & 6 by National Skill Development Corp­oration (NSDC).


Creative Hut Institute of Photography, one of the leading photography schools in India offers professional diploma courses in Art of Photography and Cinematography. And that can be specialised in wildlife photography, fashion photography, product photography, food photography, travel photography, photojournalism etc. The certificate for (PDAP) Professional Diploma in Art of Photography, is provided by the college and is not affiliated to any university or any state or central board. We've been offering PDAP courses since 2007. We are glad to have students from across India including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Visakhapatnam, Kanpur, Bhopal, etc... 



Students are the face of any college. The results and the achievements of the students in terms of their studies as well as their individual development are of greater importance. Meet our students and alumni here and get to know what they have to say about their Gurukul.

Each of them might have a different story to say about. Every moments they experienced here are always there in their minds and hearts. That might be one reason which makes them to visit the campus very often, even after their completion of the course.



Roshni S Prasad


Mrinal Bhushan


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