You got to insist on your success, resist every obstacle and persist in times of difficulty and you will get there.

The capacity to convey one’s feeling through photography is one of its greatest strengths. The images that are most effective in expressing a specific mood or emotion are pictures. However, it might be difficult to capture an emotion in a photo. Pictures that evoke strong emotions can communicate ideas more effectively than words.

Words, which can be complex and confusing, may require more thought before they can have an impact on us since they operate through an older, more immediately reactive brain system. A simple photograph can cause our brain to unconsciously process biological motion, pay attention to where emotions are being directed, and active the muscles of the people we are watching. This information is then transmitted to language processing centres, where we can consciously express our own emotional responses.

The book titled “Crisis” means a time of intense difficulty. Different challenges may come up in life, but only when we overcome them can we consider ourselves to have won. I’ve included various chapters on food, jewellery, cosmetics and products in this portfolio. The uses of a dark combination of lighting create the mood of the photos. Dark has so many hidden feelings, it gives special feelings to all the living beings in the world.


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