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“Sorrow of Bastar”

Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of the Bastar Tribes: A Look at Their Vibrant Culture and Traditions

Bastar, a territory steeped in rich cultural past, is home to a diverse range of indigenous people known as tribals or Adivasis. These tribal communities maintain their separate identity through age-old customs, distinct cultures, and diverse languages.

Exploring Bastar’s Major Tribes: The Diverse Fabric of Tribal Life

The Gond, Bhatra, Halba, Maria, and Muria tribes are among those that live in the Bastar district. Each tribe has its own language, such as Gandi, Halbi, and Bhatri, among others. Their primary source of income is the creation of wooden objects utilizing the Dhokra technique—a type of non-ferrous metal casting coupled with wax.

Sustenance and Subsistence: Uncovering the Trade and Daily Life of the Bastar Tribals

While some tribes cultivate, cultivating paddy and husk, others work in labor-intensive industries such as mining and construction. Agricultural output is the principal source of income for persons working in the farming industry. A subset of the Bastar tribals live deep within the trees, zealously keeping traditional rituals passed down through centuries.

Celebrating Heritage: Bastar Tribals’ Vibrant Festivals

The ardent celebration of festivals is the heartbeat of the Bastar tribes. Dasara is a well-known celebration that is especially loved in Bastar for its adoration to the goddess Dantewari.

The intriguing tapestry of Bastar tribal traditions, ceremonies, and craftsmanship is an important element of India’s cultural mosaic, demonstrating the need of maintaining and valuing indigenous history.


Devotee of God Ram : Boy in the service of God


Restriction : Child in under control


Dubiety : A man with so much doubt


Thirsty : Longing for a drinking


Loving mother : A Bastar woman holding her child


Responsibility : For to complete the work


Anxious : Worry for his family


Minor : A child bound by household chores


Cool wind : A freezing cool day


Affection : Invisible love between mother and child


Single eye : Can survive with a single eye


Posey : Natural face of villager


Quite : Behind the cruelty


Crying : To fulfill a demand


Manner : Simplicity of a small girl

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Punit Sahu , Chhattisgarh , Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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