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As part of Photojournalism, our author here has made a photo article on Kids portrait highlighting their moods.

More than enough in this busy world.

These little gifts of God have been trying to fascinate us with their varied showcase of emotions right from their birth. The way they talk, cry, laugh, smile, murmur, shouts, and a lot more have always earned a place in our hearts. They may always irritate us saying this and that but the fact is we won’t ever get bored. They can carry us all into a wide world of self-image. Everyone tries to forget their past but no one ever forgets their own sweetest childhood memories. On seeing a kid one will for sure recollect something from their own childhood and this can create a little smile on their faces. That is more than enough in this busy world.

Curious: What is a kid without curiosity?
Contentment: Being happy with what you are
Unmoved: Some kids are like that. They don’t even care about what is going around
Joyful: Nothing is much better than possessing a joyous mind

We all say that kids stay very close to God just because they are too innocent at these age. Its not just a saying but in fact it’s true. A single kids prayer is worth a lot more than a thousand others. In this particular article the moments of their spiritual path is being shown out. Even though in their tiring and devotional journey to have a glance of their favorite God, they don’t forget to showcase the swarm of emotions on their face. A kids face might look normal but it can convey a lot of stories, stories that never end. They may not be that much matured, or experienced, but they have life, life in the way they communicate.

Pleasing: The moment he realized he was being captured he gave something like a smile
Playful: An idle mind is a devils workshop. So be active always
Enthusiastic: Its seems he is seeing the camera for the first time
Attitude: One’s behavior is well explained by one’s attitude
Confused: A state of confusion at some moments in life is unavoidable

All through the life cycle, everybody comes across different situations. The thing is, we always end up where we began. A man dies one day if he is born. At the time of birth, he never brings anything with him and in the same way, when he dies he never takes anything with him. We can learn a lot from kids. Their innocence, humbleness, divinity, and a lot of other great qualities. Always try to be a kid forever in your life so that you can enjoy this small life to the maximum.

Age or experience does not matter when it comes to life.

Just like what we were like in the kids we would always behave the same just before the death. The changes happen only in the meanwhile just like the varying emotions that emerge out of the face. These can vary from happiness to depression, from anger to calmness, from curiosity to never mindedness and the list goes on. An innocent heart with a sweet smile on the face can solve a lot more problems. In this big world, we don’t possess anything. We all are living for something or someone else. We are the ones who are capable of changing the way it is. So always  BE LIKE A KID…

Matured: He acts as if he was the better person around. Funny kid right?

Manu Joseph, Thrissur, Kerala, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Manu Joseph. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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