Cycle of Life – Abstract photography


How amazing is to see that our life cycle can be explained through various forms. As part of Fine-art photography, here our author has tried to do the same through some abstract images. Let’s go through his imaginary mind.

“As the abstract is an art. It has life. The things we see are in fact not the real ones. It has another face hidden in it. An abstract brings out these faces.”

We are born, we grow up, we age, and then we die.

In the human stages process, there is a life cycle i.e, from birth to death. Death leads us to two paths, Heaven or Hell. In our lifetime if we do good things we will go to Heaven and those who do sins go to Hell, which is written in religious books. But I believe our lifetime including before death that thinks.


Our first stage of ten months in Mother’s womb, before coming to this outer world, that one is our Heaven. From birth to death, we go through different stages of life Childhood, Teenage, Adult, Old-age, Death. In this world, if we are born one day; will surely die one day and that is the world’s law, that one continues forever. The life processes of birth and death can happen anywhere at any time but everywhere it is the same. Only the processes that come in between varies with time.

Once born everyone has to die

And melt into the earth. We don’t bring anything into this world and at the time of death, we don’t carry anything with us. So why are we going behind all these luxuries? Just live with what you have and you will get everything that makes you smile all through your life.

Birth: Don’t know what is happiness until you cry
Child: In life the one who lives happily and make others happy too are the gifts of God
Teenage: Some years in our life are with happiness and joy
Adult: To be something in life you have to risk your life
Old-Age: One day you will understand that you are the only one that will be there for you
Death: The lives that are lest in a battlefield will never again wake up

Prajul CK, Thalaserry, Kerala, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Prajul CK. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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