Delicious Delicacies


Quick Bites of delicious delicacies makes you happy and ready for work

From the beginning of humanity we were searching for the delicates of nature to help us regulate the energy in us . Humans refer to these substances as “food” because they provide energy . They have helped us stay healthy and active as we have evolved into the contemporary human being we see today.

Food Photography

Delicacies very from places to places because of the natural flora and fauna difference in each region and they have different tastes like sour ,bitter, sweet ,salty and spicy . Men can eat many different things, such as fish, meat, and vegetables grown in fields and forests .Wheat and rice are more wide spread food items in the world .These are the most widely consumed grains worldwide .There, they make noodles, pasta, cakes, breads, and pastries .Some of these food items are made in minutes while some are made by cooking for longer time .Wheat is a good grain because it is mostly made up of carbohydrates.

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These delicious delicacies have a major impact on  a lands culture and its heritage . For so many reasons food is an essential component of our daily life and body. We can’t live without it; it is what keeps us going on.

vegetable sandwich

Vegetable Sandwich : Sandwich for the vegetarians out there

exploding bite

Exploding Bites : An explosion of buttery goodness in our mouth

creamy pastries

Creamy Pastries : Pastries are like smaller version of cakes

tasty sandwich

Tasty Sandwich : Sandwich is more like an universal food

crispy biscuit

Crispy Biscuit : Biscuit are one of the crunchiest bites ever

buttery cupcake

Buttery Cupcake : Butter is a common ingredient of cupcake

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