Depicting the Unreal by Ishaan Agrawal


Describing different things, places, people, & their emotions is what made me attracted to Photography. It helped me to travel to different locations. In fact, it helped me to meet different people, understand varied culture, languages & their lifestyles, dressing styles, food, and events. Photography makes me see the world in a most interesting way. And it allows me to capture both the real and unreal parts of existence.

The fact of abstract all around us is the idea behind this book “Depicting the Unreal”. The world is seen from a different perspective. Here, the images are depicted with abstract nature from outdoor to indoor photography. Every image leads the imagination, emotions, and expressions into another world where things don’t exist like they normally do. It has many different aspects and each individual has a different way of portraying the same. We usually notice and believe in what is there in reality which can be seen, heard, or touched. Abstract photography takes a step ahead and shows that may not be in reality.

Henceforth, each & every chapter depicts the beauty in & through abstract images. The combination of photography of various places, people, and objects with different aspects of abstractness is what makes the book unique.

Ishaan Agrawal, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

Photography makes him see the world most interestingly. And allows him to capture both the real and unreal parts of existence. It helps him to meet different people, understand varied culture, languages, and their lifestyles, dressing styles, food, and events. Moreover, photography as a profession enables him to describe different things, places, people, and their emotions. Therefore, introduced the portfolio “Depicting the Unreal”. It has greater importance in his life which makes him time attracted to Photography. Furthermore, he has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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