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Detail is a journey i nto the world of uncovering Macro photography exposes the unseen beauty of small subjects.

Discover the exciting world of macro photography, wildlife photography and the minute details that lie beneath the surface of insects. By enlarging these tiny marvels of the hidden mysteries in the kingdom of insects become visible. You can see their marvellous structures and amazing nature’s beauty.

greenbottlefly sitting on a small stick

Green Bottle Fly  Nectar-Seeking Pollinator.

micropezidae sitting on a leaf

Micropezidae  Master of Miniature Flight.

On a thin stem, two green bottle flies found their moment of connection in the gentle embrace of warm evening light. The picture showcases the delicate relationship of light and the insects. The Micropezidae flies is a family of acalyptratae muscoid flies in the order Diptera. It is very large, with about 500 species distributed over 50 genera and five subfamilies worldwide. Tropical and subtropical climates, especially those in the Neotropical Region. These are home to the greatest diversity of species. Pallid sun roach is also called desert survivor.

naturesrecyclers sitting on a leaf

Nature’s Recyclers  Nature Uses Houseflies to Recycle Nutrients.

pallidsunroach sitting on a leaf

Pallid Sun Roach  Desert Survivor’s Beauty.

Houseflies and recycling are members of the Cyclorrhapha suborder and are thought to have originated in the Middle East. As a result of their close relationship to human habitats, they have since spread throughout the world.. This cockroach has a desert insect species and this is an oval-shaped, black pronotum with an eye-catching golden yellow border.

curtonotidae sitting on a leaf

Curtonotidae  Undescribed Tropical and Subtropical Flies.

scuttelleridae sitting on a leaf

Scutelleridae  Nature’s Metallic Shielded Guardians.

The Scutelleridae metallic shield bug family of true bugs includes the colour ful jewel bugs. The unique shield that cover their backs and they are frequently referred to as metallic shield bugs. The exploration of the world of macro photography reveals the undiscovered beauty of nature’s Detail. Capturing private moments and tiny details often overlooked.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Lakshmi Girish and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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