Diary Of A Modern Stalwart


As part of Food and Product photography, our author has made a creative photo story highlighting the new generation youngster lifestyle.

“The lifestyle of a new generation youngster from the drink he prefers to the perfume he wears”

New Generation Junkie

A youngster is addicted to all the poison that he gets his hands into. His life starts every day with a shot of vodka slowly moving towards junk food. He uses perfume to cover his alcohol-induced sweat. Moreover, the guy is a typical new generation junkie who doesn’t care about his health. His favourite food being burgers and chips, spends much of his time rushing to fast food chains. Occasionally he eats doughnuts which is his second favourite. He uses high-end perfume like Noir, Park Avenue. In fact, one of his hobbies is to collect perfume bottle. Furthermore, his second favourite hobby is to collect luxury watches.

The Face of Today’s Generation

He is truly the face of today’s generation. This is the harsh reality of today’s generation where life starts and ends with alcohol. How much a drug or an alcohol influence human lives of every age is beyond imagination.

Floating Consciousness of a Youngster

On one side it’s prestige and on the other side, it’s a matter of survival. Apart from that, the product that he uses is represented and that he is not a single person, it’s a community or more precisely it’s a large section of society. The outcome of this lifestyle is nothing less than a low life expectancy. The technique of levitation is also used to show the floating consciousness of a youngster. It also conveys how his mind works. To him nothing is conventional. He sees things flying because he is an acute alcoholic.

Hand Of Luxury: Luxury is literally a state of mind
Food Is In The Air: Floating minds and floating subjects completes levitation
Doughnut Gone Nuts: Be a sprinkled donut
The Shine Of Purity: Purity takes luxury to next level

Rahul Rao, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Rahul Rao. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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