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Refraction photography is a type of photography that portrays the refraction impact, in which light is bent in glass, water, or a certain surface to distort or enlarge a scene.

eternal love love that never-ends-muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Eternal Love: love that never ends

The speed of light changes when it passes between two materials, which provokes it to bend. The light slows down and bends towards the normal if the new substance is denser (for example, air to glass). When the light goes through a less dense medium (such as glass to air), it speeds up and bends away from the normal.

dew moisten with tiny drops muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Dew: moisten with tiny drops

The second thing I tried was filling a glass with water to create some mind-bending images. Fill a spherical wine glass or juice glass. Then placed it in front of a colorful background. The result is so satisfying.

deflected streaks a glasss of-blended-streaks-muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Deflected Streaks: a glass of blended streaks

Refraction photography is all about creativity, plus it makes for very interesting photo projects. So head out with your camera and try water refraction photography.

blended stripes glasses of colors-muhammed-mushin kannur creativehut
Blended Stripes: glasses of color

All the Photographs and text in this post are copyright of Mohammed Muhsin, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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