Dissolved by Kiran Mathew


“DISSOLVED” is my photography portfolio. The name refers to a gradual transition or an action created by motion to mix something. This portfolio showcases images of action or motion either by my subject, elements or by light. In a stationary surrounding our eye catches attention to anything that is in motion.

The colour Black plays a major role in this collection in giving contrast to my subject and make them stand out. I have used various tricks in Photography such as levitation, splash, light painting etc to show the motion and action done in my frame.

About Author

I believe that an amazing work of art should be attractive every time you watch it. A viewer from any part of the world can have a direct relationship with the image and thus be the subject of it, and be emotionally and visually inspired by it.

I aim to improve awareness and engage my viewers in a visual journey that enhances their creative thinking and creative mindset. I approach my works with consideration, insight and empathy.

In my view, I observe and share moments of emotion and the dignity of my subjects as well. With my work, I wish to emphasize beauty and uniqueness in everything.

Kiran Mathew, Kannur, Kerala


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