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Diversion of Illumination


Light refraction occurs when light passes from one medium into another, altering the speed and direction of the light. In this example, think about how refraction happens when white light passes through a prism and is split into different colours by each colour.

Inverted Arrows: Shapes are inverted inside the glass.

Refraction occurs everywhere light shines. Although you may achieve refraction from clear plastic objects, glass provides the highest quality. Refraction photography is a unique technique to experiment with image capture.

Joker: Reveals a Reflection of Madness.

The concept of refraction is based on the idea that when a ray of light or a wave of energy is deflected or turned, its path is “broken.” A rainbow is generated when light rays entering into (and reflecting off of) water droplets are bent at varying angles depending on their colour, causing the light to divide into bands of colour. The amount of refraction depends on the angle and type of material; refraction can even occur when travelling through different types of air. A mirage, such as what you may see in the desert or on a piece of asphalt in the summer, happens when light flowing through warm air collides with extremely hot air.

Unity: Unity of faith in our palms.

Any transparent object with a mass greater than that of air can cause refraction, though spherical objects are the most useful. While translucent plastic objects can be used to achieve refraction, refraction occurs as a result of the change in the speed of light as it travels from one medium to another. I recommend shooting through glass or water for the best image quality.

Auroville: A gigantic ferrerorosher

Using a glass ball is one of the greatest ways to experiment with refraction photography. When refraction occurs inside a spherical glass ball, the inverted image of the background behind the glass ball can be seen. This chapter talks about refraction photography, which uses things like water drops, lens balls, and water-filled glass to make images.

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