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Divine Hues


The heavenly color series vividly depicts Swamis in spiritual contact, showing resilience and devotion, including portraits from Sabarimala.

Experience “divine hues” through the spiritual journey of Kerala. Sabarimala portraits resonate with the presence of Swami. Covered in powders, he is the epitome of loyalty. Come to Erumeli’s Cultural Event to see lively dances that bring history and community together. Uncover fortitude in the atmosphere of divine hues. Discover the rich spiritual legacy of Kerala today.

old swami gazing at someone in erumeli

Serious Aura  Soulful presence, sharp insight.

Kerala’s spirituality and rich legacy radiate from the Swami’s presence. His expression resonates with portraits in Sabarimala, exuding unwavering devotion. Dwelling on spiritual mysteries, he captures Kerala’s art and culture. Dusted with colourful powders, he represents ceremonial respect. Amidst Kerala’s vibrant culture, his presence inspires reverence.

swami celebrating pettathullal

In Living Colour. Petta thulal’s joyful communion

During the Cultural Event of Kerala, Swamis showcase togetherness and history with a vibrant dance in Erumeli. As others scatter yellow powder, symbolising pleasure, one Swami stands. By respecting their cultural history, they promote a strong feeling of community. They fascinate the audience with their vibrant performances of Erumeli’s festival dance.

portraits os swami at erumeli

Silent Sage  Gentle knowing.

The Swami, with a peaceful expression and white beard adorned in blue powder, exudes peace and wisdom amidst the Erumeli Petta Thullal. A traditional mark on his forehead shows his spiritual devotion, while two other figures stand blurred in the front , hinting at companionship among Sabarimala visitors. His calm gaze through round specs reflects profound insight, showing with the vibrant hues adorning his chest, embodying the essence of spiritual journey in Sabarimala people photography.

swami carrying his irumudikettu in erumeli

Resilient Soul  Thriving through trials.

In Erumeli, a Swami walks with resolve, carrying an irumudi and adorned with an Om prayer scarf, amidst divine hues. His determined face reflects strength amid challenges, as he possibly chants mantras, embodying resilience and spiritual commitment cherished by Sabarimala Devotees. This scene captures the essence of the Annual Celebration Event, symbolising the pilgrimage journey’s spiritual significance.

Sabarimala’s portraits and Erumeli’s colourful dances resonate with the profound spirituality and rich tradition of Kerala, represented in the Swami’s presence. Covered in powders, he symbolises ritual reverence and dedication. His calm demeanour in the Erumeli Petta Thullal conveys wisdom and companionship. The Swami represents tenacity and spiritual dedication through divine hues, signifying the pilgrimage journey’s spiritual significance in Kerala’s cultural legacy

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Vishnu S Girish and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners

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