Diwali the Festival of Lights


Diwali, which means “row of lights,” is India’s biggest festival. The festival got its original meaning from the rows of clay lamps that Indians light outside their houses to symbolize the inner light that protects them from spiritual darkness.

What is Diwali and how is it celebrated?

As the Indian summer season gives way to cooler evenings, people start thinking about the upcoming festivals. One of them is Diwali, which is the biggest celebration in India. Everyone is invited to participate in the festivities.

During Diwali, people celebrate by decorating their homes, buying new clothes, enjoying social gatherings, and exchanging gifts.

What is Diwali?

All regions in India celebrate Diwali differently, but they agree that Diwali marks the victory of good over bad, light over dark, and knowledge over stupidity. It is associated with an ancient legend of Lord Ram, who was exiled from his kingdom for fourteen years. On his return, he defeated the demon king Ravana and returned to Ayodhya (the city where he was born).

The business community has traditionally considered it an auspicious period to begin new ventures, as the holiday falls during the Hindu New Year. For married couples and families who celebrate their first Diwali together, it marks the beginning of a new year for them.

It’s a five days​ ​festival featuring different ceremonies each night, with the third night being the main one.

On Diwali night, most Hindus light diyas (lamps) and pray to Lakshmi and Ganesh for good luck and wisdom for the coming new year.

After the religious ceremonies come to an end, sweets are offered to the gods, and small lamps called diyas are lit indoors and outside. The aim is to draw the goddess’ attention and direct her towards these flickering lights so she may bless us with good fortune and prosperity for the coming year.

When is Diwali?

It’s celebrated on a moon-free night in October or November every year.

How is Diwali celebrated?

During the week before Diwali, people decorate their homes, buy new clothing and jewelry, exchange gifts, and host dinners and parties. These activities prepare them for the big day when they light diyas (earthen lamps) and celebrate by eating sweets, drinking wine, and playing games.

How do colleges celebrate Diwali in India?

  1. Organize a potluck.
  2. Create rangoli with your classmates and faculties.
  3. Attend or host a cultural event.
  4. Distribute sweets in your college.
  5. Decorating your college.
  6. Organise and go to Diwali puja (Hindu festival) at your nearest Hindu temple.
  7. Light candles, diyahs, lanterns during the day!
  8. Go visit old people’s homes, orphanages, or hospitals to give them sweets, gifts, hugs, and warm words.

How does Creative Huts celebrate Diwali?

Different colleges celebrate Diwali differently, but they usually involve decorations, gifts, feasting, fireworks, and lighting oil lamps on the streets and in the campus.The festival was celebrated by students at the Creative Hut Institute of Photography in India. Students wear new clothes and decorate the college with lights and candles. They celebrate by giving gifts to each other.



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