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  Driven by Athul A


“Driven” is the journey of passion. It emphasises the continuous pursuit of growth, self-expression and purpose that extends beyond the boundaries of success.


“Driven” refers to a strong desire for success and a constant determination to pursue one’s goals. It also explores the deep moments of self-discovery, resiliency and success that define the path of passion, from the initial spark of interest to the endless pursuit of perfection.

Within this, the initial stages of passion’s awakening can be seen, where the flicker of interest ignites within the hearts and minds of individuals.

 As the journey goes on, the world of feelings and actions is explored, which shows how one moves from a simple emotion to a strong commitment to improving one’s skills.

Yet, this journey is not without its challenges, difficulties, and feelings of discomfort, disappointment, and self-doubt. 

In the end, the crucial moments of achievements are witnessed, filled with happiness and fulfilment. 

Yet they act as a reminder that success is a journey that we must always chase in order to grow, express ourselves and fulfil our purpose in life 

  1. Curious
  2. Aura
  3. Grind
  4. Spirit
  5. Agony
  6. Downfall
  7. Tenacity
  8. Upraise
  9. Triumph
  10. Odyssey

“Driven” explores the essence of human passion, self-discovery, and purpose. It explores curiosity, commitment, pain, failure, determination, and success, inspiring people to pursue their dreams with unwavering passion and resilience.

“Driven” is a transformative journey of passion that encapsulates the essence of human endeavour, self-discovery, and the pursuit of purpose. The book explores the multifaceted nature of passion, from the initial spark of curiosity to the relentless grind, moments of triumph, and the constant voyage of growth and self-expression. 

The chapters reveal the intricate layers of the human spirit. It starts with Curiosity as the catalyst, Aura as the energy and magnetism, Grind as the unwavering commitment. It leads Spirit as the inner drive, Agony as the transformative power of pain, and Downfall as the inevitability of failure. Further, one can find here Tenacity as the unwavering determination, and Upraise as the transformative moment of bouncing back from failure. 

At last one can experience Triumph as the pinnacle of success, and Odyssey as the constant exploration, growth, and self-discovery that follow accomplishment.

The book serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, inspiring readers to chase their dreams, overcome obstacles, and live a life driven by passion 


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