The portfolio “Picture Quest” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Architecture, Street & Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Art & Culture, Birds, Macro, Fashion, Food, and Product. No one can’t be a good photographer overnight. That skill is built over time. It’s more about experimentation and experience. Moreover, The more one tries new stuff, the better one gets in photography. So, in this book, one can experience a wide range of genres.

In this book, one can witness Kerala’s ancient art form. Which is none other than “Mayilattam.” Because Kerala is known as the home of the ancient art forms. And other than that, one can go through the vintage tradition of women. As the Indian dressing style of women has its uniqueness and trade made around the world. Moreover, people in western countries do imitate this style. Apart from that, ancient period clothing and dressing style used to have the main preference. Comparatively, it reflects the culture and tradition. Rather than the present world of ultra-modern society.

Ebin PJ, Ernakulam, Kerala

ebin p j ernakulam kerala

Photography is a way of talking with pictures that depict different experiences of life. It shows what you experienced; what did you feel. And the emotions, memories, and moments that were enjoyed. Those are saved forever exploring different cultures and memories. Different places, different faces, and varied scenarios. Hence, photography is a medium that he finds to store all these and more for life long. Exploring different cultures had been always his dream. He says that he has learned and experienced life in various ways through photography. Furthermore, it has turned out to be the most important part of his life and will be always there forever. He has completed his portfolio “Picture Quest”. Moreover, accomplished his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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