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Elegant Cravings by Akshay Sanjeev


  • Introducing a visual investigation of elegance, style and energy in a single engaging collection, this book expertly mixes fashion and sports photos.

An amazing visual trip is provided for amateurs and experts equally in the fascinating photographic book “Elegant Cravings,” which skillfully combines the worlds of fashion and sports photography. This book explores the convergence point of elegance, design, and the passion that drives both the fashion and sports sectors through a cautious selection of striking photos.

“Elegant Cravings” takes us on an exciting journey of the amazing skill and creativity that go into capturing the essence of fashion in the world of fashion photography. The photographs in this collection inspire a sense of beauty, elegance, and class and feature anything from expensive designer outfits to modern clothing.  Each frame captures the need for self-expression and the urge to make a strong statement, radiating the energy and vibrancy of the fashion industry. The book goes further into the world of sports photography, showcasing the raw force, athleticism, and human determination that drive people to success. Fashion photography captivates us with its elegance. These pictures show the attitude of sportsmanship, from the rising energy of skilled players to the continuous desire of victory. These photographs capture the commitment, tenacity, and desire of excellence that lay at the heart of every sporting endeavor, from the loud cheers of a stadium to the lone determination of a player on a playing ground.

A feast for the eyes, “Elegant Cravings” expertly blends the realms of fashion and sports photography. This book transports us into a world where grace, style, and the desire of greatness meet through its collection of gorgeous photographs.  It serves as a reminder that in addition to being representations of our uniqueness, fashion and sports offer windows into our society’s dreams and aims.  Ready to be absorbed by the beauty, the strength, and the magnetic attraction that flows from every shot as you absorb yourself in the pages of “Elegant Cravings” 

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  6. FAME

Inspires viewers to embrace their passions, pursue elegance, and crave the power and beauty within these captivating realms.

In conclusion, the “Elegant Cravings” portfolios chapters on sports and fashion provide an enthralling look into the dynamic world that characterize these professions.  Through an artist’s eye, I travel to the exhilarating sports stadiums and the opulent fashion runways, where passion and creativity combine. The chapters on sports photography show the athletes’ incredible athleticism and uncontrolled intensity as they compete for the win. Each photograph captures short successful moments, demonstrating the tenacity, talent, and rigid spirit that drive these extraordinary people. It depicts the human body being pushed to its limits, inspiring astonishment and adoration.

The chapters that belong to fashion, on the other hand, lead one into a realm of style, refinement, and creative expression. The photographer captures the beauty and complexity of fashion through artfully crafted ramp walks and thoroughly planned photographs.  Each photograph conveys a sense of uniqueness and self-assurance thanks to the vivid colors, detailed designs, and the models’ confidence. They enable us to appreciate the skill and creativity that shape our individual styles and enjoy the transforming power of fashion. These chapters on sports and fashion are linked by a common thread of human aspiration, showing the invincibility and infinite potential that all individuals share.  It shows mankind that, whether on the pitch or on the runway, sports and fashion are about more than simply physique and beauty; they are also about self-expression, empowerment, and pushing the limits of what is possible.

In “Elegant Cravings,” the portfolio recommends readers to take part in our cravings for excellence, beauty, and self-discovery. The chapters on sports and fashion excite our curiosity, encourage readers to pursue our interests, and remind us about the huge impact that these industries have on daily life.  Everyone is reminded by this collection that sports and fashion are about more than just the visible expressions of athleticism and style; they are also about the inner path of self-discovery and the quest of our own distinct kinds of elegance.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Akshay Sanjeev, Kollam, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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