Elegant Edifice


Architects tell their stories through their structures.Architectural photography focuses on capturing structures or buildings. As a result, it also signifies shooting the interiors and exteriors of constructions, bridges, and cityscapes. This type of photography is less dynamic than other types of photography since it requires you to spend a lot of time considering the image or surroundings. As a result, you may not require a camera with a fast or continuous shooting option. Nonetheless, you must concentrate on the image’s quality.

Art of living: Peace lives at this place.

We must also be able to utilize the editing tools, understand how to fit a building within a frame, and apply compositional guidelines. Architectural photography began in the 1870s when Albert Levy, a well-known architectural photographer, began photographing older structures. Later, the American mid-century modernist Julius Shulman shot modern architecture.Exterior architectural photography captures the structure of a building from the outside. The exteriors of a building are very straightforward to shoot since they receive a lot of natural light. This form of photography is affected by the present weather conditions, which might result in a dynamic image.

Edappally church: Belief lies within ourselves.

Interior architectural photography is used to photograph a structure’s interiors. This style of photography can be tough due to the limited light available within the limits of a building. As a result, extra illumination is necessary to adequately portray the interiors.

Inner Peace: Listen to the sound of peace.

We think of large, lengthy structures and historic architecture when we want architectural photographs, and we click. But keep in mind that when we take a photograph of architecture, it will be sharp and clear. When our client hires us to photograph architecture, interiors, exteriors, and buildings, he expects quality and perfection

Santa Cruz cathedral: God can calm storms in your life.

Architecture photography is a fascinating area that provides new ways to develop our photographic capabilities. It also stimulates our imagination by exposing us to a variety of structures. As a result, we must hone our talents and release our potential in order to establish a space for ourselves in this industry. This chapter “Elegant Edifice” is about historic buildings and how Architects express their stories through their structures, as we can see in photographs.

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