Elegantly Voguish


The most beautiful illusion

Elegantly Voguish , an article by Alan Jose shows beautiful fashionable photographs..

“Fashion a part of the daily life which changes every day with everything that is happening around the world .One could literally see the arrival of a revolution in clothes.”

The major sought genre in photography is Fashion photography. It is all about clothes and other fashion accessories . The fashion photograph can offer a vision of certain lifestyles attracting people to buy -in,which in turn decides the success of the photograph .Unlike ,the surrealist trend in the early years in fashion photography ,the realist approach of modern fashion photography offer people  a vision that they could apply in their own life

Dresses are the most desirable category of clothing which women choose mostly due to its availability suitable for various occasions and seasons , A broad classification of dresses are done based on the length of it as gown, maxi, midi,knee length ,mini and micro dresses.Gowns are floor length long dresses which is typically used in formal occasions whereas maxis are of ankle length that are informal .Every other class falls subsequently as a shorter version as the name suggests

red-vibes-fashion-photography-alan jose

Red Vibes : Elegance is elimination

from-the-inside-fashion-photography-alan jose

 From the Inside : Be the best version of you From the Inside

let's-keep-it-simple-fashion-photography-alan jose

Let’s keep it simple : When I haven’t any blue, I use red Pablo picasso

virtuous-flair--alan-jose-idukki-kerala-82 (1)

Elegantly Voguish : The most beautiful Illusion

Copyrights :
All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Alan Jose , Idukki ,Creative Hut Institute of Photography. A photography school in Kerala called Creative Hut gave him a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography. It is illegal to copy them, in whole or in part, without the permission of the rightful owners.

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