Emotions of Routine Life


Emotions are present everywhere we go, adding colour to our experiences of the world. Our emotions can range from mild enjoyment to annoyance, usually triggered by everyday pleasures or hassles. At times, however, we also seek to control how and when our feelings unfold. This ability to regulate emotions is thought by some to be critical to health.

Handwash: A tiny ray of light.

These emotions change people’s choices, making them choose products in their daily lives. Example face wash can help them start their daily routines.

Bodywash: After a bath

One of the most significant emotional buying factors is the need for comfort (i.e., a comfortable lifestyle). Indeed, a lot of things are purchased for comfort. For instance, people purchase products like face wash, perfume, shower gel, etc. because they want to feel comfortable, confidence and attraction.

Facewash: In a dark room.

Taking a shower helps to clear the pores and restore the skin’s ability to function by cleaning the skin and removing dead skin cells. Shower gel, for instance, might assist them in beginning their daily activities.

Deodorant: Satan on the rock

What I am trying to demonstrate in this chapter is based on the products a man uses to boost his mood or maintain his confidence. Being confident makes you more likely to move forward with people and opportunities. For that, these products make his life easier.

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