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Enchanting Calls of Nature


Mastering the Art of Capturing Nature’s Beauty Through Bird Photography: Getting the Hang of Capturing the Beauty of Nature

great cormorant many fisherman sees in-the-great-cormorant-a-competitor for fish vishnu vijaykumar trivadrum creativehut

The Great Cormorant : Many fisherman see in the Great Cormorant a competitor for fish

white throated kingfisher also-known as tree kingfisher vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum

White Throated Kingfisher : Also known as Tree kingfisher

Opening Up the Universe of Bird Photography

Often regarded as the ultimate form of wildlife photography, birding provides an exciting and fulfilling experience. It takes more than merely pressing the shutter button to fully convey the grace and vitality of our feathered friends. Let’s go into the intriguing field of bird photography and learn how to capture these amazing animals in breathtaking images.

oriental darter also known-as snake bird vishnu vijakumar trivandrum creativeht

Oriental Darter : Also known as Snake bird

pied kingfisher it is usually hunts by vertically diving into the water to capture-fish-vishnu-vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Pied Kingfisher : It is usually hunts by vertically diving into the water to capture fish

Recognizing the Bird Beauty

Finding your bird subjects in their natural environment is the first hurdle of bird photography. This is not a chore for the weak of heart. You see, birds are quite difficult to locate, and learning about their habits and environment is essential to doing so. True mastery can only be attained via practical experience, even though books and the internet are useful resources.

Albert Einstein wisely observed, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” These words are very relevant in the field of bird photography.

roufous treepie it has loud music calls vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Rufous Treepie : It has loud musical calls

the jungle babbler popularly-known-as-seven sisiters vishnu vijaykumar trivandrum creativehut

The Jungle Babbler : Popularly known as seven sisters

The Importance of Nature Understanding

Before you attempt to photograph birds, you must first comprehend the ecosystem in which they live. This entails immersing yourself in nature and integrating with it. You won’t be successful if you simply walk into their habitat with a camera in your hand.

Patience is your most valuable ally in this endeavor. It’s not uncommon for your first few travels to yield less-than-ideal results. To properly grasp bird photography, I found myself returning to the forest on a regular basis. I’d spend the entire day concealed and waiting, from sunrise to dusk. Birds are extremely sensitive creatures, and the majority of them are wary of humans.

malabar grey hornbill they-have-large-beak but lack the casquie that prominent in other hornbill species vishnu vijaykumar trivandrum creativehut

Malabar Grey Hornbill : They have large beak but lack the casque that is prominent in other hornbill species

eurasian golden oriole a summer-migrant in europe and western asia vishnu vijaykumar trivandrum creativehut

Eurasian Golden Oriole : A summer migrant in Europe and Western Asia

Changing into a Shadow in the Wilderness

The key to success in bird photography is to become one with nature. You must blend in with your environment, much like a shadow. Instead of wearing bright or colorful apparel, choose camouflage clothing. Avoid treading on dry leaves and sticks that will alert others to your presence.

blue winged bee eater most-species-are-found-in-africa-and-asia-with-a-few-in-europe-vishnu-vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Blue Winged Bee Eater : Most species are found in Africa and Asia with a few in Europe

wood stork a large american-wading-bird-in-stork family vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Wood Stork : A large American wading bird in stork family

The Morning Sun’s Magic

The morning sun is your best friend if you want to photograph birds at their best. Birds will be engaged in their morning routines when the sun’s rays hit the forest. They spread their wings and display their unique behaviors as they bask in the warm embrace of the sun. It’s a show that will leave you speechless while also providing you with very intriguing shots.

the greater racket tailed drongo-their-calls-are-repeated-whistles-metallic-and-nasal-sounds vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

The Greater Racket Tailed Drongo : Their calls are repeated whistles, metallic and nasal sounds

grey heron a bird of wetland areas vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Grey Heron : A bird of wet land areas

To summaries, bird photography is an art that requires time, knowledge of nature, and the ability to become one with your surroundings. The hurdles are daunting, but the rewards are equally so. To capture these species’ beauty, you must immerse yourself in their environment, respecting their space and time. With determination and practice, you may learn the secrets of bird photography and create photographs that capture the majesty of nature.

indian roller it is best known-for-its-acrobatic-displays of male vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Indian Roller : It is best known for its acrobatic displays of males

red whiskered bulbull a passerine bird of asia vishnu-vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Red Whiskered Bulbul : A passerine bird of Asia

gull billed tern this american-mystery-occurs-on-all-continents-expect america vishnu vijayakumar trivandrum creativehut

Gull Billed Tern : This African mystery bird occurs on all continents except Antarctica

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Vishnu Vijaykumar, Trivandrum, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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