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Enduring Expedition by Rahul Rao


The portfolio “Enduring Expedition” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Architecture, Landscape, Abstract, Portrait, Art & Culture, Birds, Macro, Product, and Fashion. This book is about the expedition that went by the photographer to know his mother earth. Furthermore, to find the ultimate tranquility away from plasticated life. Moreover, this project is filled with adventure, discovery, and excitement for new and unknown things. This expedition is moving swiftly through life without the notion of being bound to a single entity.

In this book, one will witness the magnificent Mahabalipuram in architecture photography. As it reflects the stories and Puranas of the Mahabharata. Moreover, the narrations of the Lord Vishnu’s mythical events. Furthermore, one will go through the rational mediators or the confused numb face. And the journey continues through the immortals of theyyam. As the performers are considered as a bridge between gods and mortals. Apart from that, viewers will go through the new generation junkie lifestyle from shots to scents. All in all the expedition ends with the power of consciousness through levitation in fashion photography. As levitation reflect the strength and will power of a human mind.

Rahul Rao, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

rahul rao trivandrum kerala

Formally known as Rahul under the tag photographer, he is a travel enthusiast and an aspiring travel filmmaker. Henceforth, he has completed his portfolio “Enduring Expedition”. In his words, his journey is indeed in search of cultural heritage and landscapes that led to the evolution of trending culture. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from the Creative Hut Institute of photography, Kerala, India.

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