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“Vengeance” shows the uncontrolled desire, strong motivation, and strong will present in the boxing and muay thai worlds within the dynamic field of sports photography.

Eye for an eye : An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

The amazing arena of fighting activities is explored in this chapter of “Elegant Cravings,” along with the strong feelings that the competitors experience and the times that are filled with excitement.

Revenge : Accepting the challenge is the first step to win the match.

They witness the uncontrolled force, the tactical skill, and the tempting appeal found within the ring of boxing and muay thai through the lens of a camera.

Come back : Champion is defined by the adversity he overcomes.

The chapter’s interesting topics consist of boxing and muay thai, which highlight the skill and stamina of these fighting sports. Each photograph captures the ruthless intensity, clever movements, and physical ability exhibited by the opponents.

Wrath : Men in red and blue knows that hastiness is the beginning of wrath.

The photographs capture the power, flexibility, and constant focus of the opponents in their moment of battle through the interaction of light and shadow, which freezes moments of impact.In boxing, photographs capture the raw strength and strong will as boxers deal hits, showing their power and accuracy.

Clash : Two boxing powerhouses collide in an epic showdown, leaving the ring electrified with raw intensity.

The intense focus, the perspiration-drenched bodies, and the noticeable pressure in the air capture the spirit of the squared circle’s pursuit of vengeance. Muay thai transforms into an amazing visual spectacle due to its dangerous kicks and deliberate movements.

Precision : To win the match, each opponent tries their best to knock out one another.

The photographs display the combatants’ understanding of technique and their constant dedication to the pursuit of excellence. They convey the movement, elegance, and efficiency of the art of fighting. Each photograph captures the thrilling moments of waving kicks, the focused looks, and the unshakeable spirit that motivates Muay Thai masters.

Glory : The relentless determination and skill of two fighters clash, as they fight for the ultimate victory.

It honors the unchanging spirit, smart positional judgement, and appealing beauty that come with fighting sports. It experiences the uncontrolled intensity, tireless dedication, and deep emotions that emerge within the boxing and Muay Thai rings via the lens of sports photography

Frenzy : Both the players are striving hard to win the challenge without bothering the pain of the body.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Akshay Sanjeev, Kollam, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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