“This world is so gorgeous that I can’t be lieve it exists,” I declare. Nature’s beauty may have a significant effect on our senses, those portals from the exterior to the inner world, whether it leads in doubt in its sheer existence, as Emerson points out, or senti ments of awe, delight, or amaze.

Grunge : Art of the bark

Most of the time, it appears to me, we find these objects to be lovely not because of something else they may provide us – a piece of furniture, for example, or a ‘finesse’ to be consumed – but because of the way their forms hit us upon first sight. Indeed, one could argue that one of the foundations for appreciating nature is the perception of beauty — nature is valuable because it is beautiful.
Nature is lovely, according to Emerson, be cause it is alive, moving, and reproducing. We see growth and development in living things in nature, as opposed to the static or decaying state of the great majority of man-made objects. “We credit beauty to that which…has no unnecessary pieces; which exactly answers its aim; which stands relat ed to all things,” he argues more broadly.

Deep rooted : Empress of dirt

Individuals in nature are not firmly inde pendent of their environments; rather, ob jects are intricately intertwined with their surroundings in ways we don’t completely comprehend.This chapter is all about the texture and essence of “Nature”.


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