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Eternal souls


Individuals in Srinagar, known as “Eternal souls,” show the endurance and spirit of Kashmir people,  providing a story of courage in their face of adversity.

In the rich variety of Srinagar’s busy streets and surroundings. Peace in the face of hardship. Their presence recalls the wordless narratives shown in Kashmir images, capturing the people’s Eternal souls. Each person becomes a live monument to the depth of human experience in the area.

A single individual Sitting in the center of Srinagar’s crowded market. The resilience and energy of the Kashmiri people this man’s presence serves as a story of diligence, reflecting in the Kashmir pictures, where each face represents a wide range of emotions and experiences. 

Individual Sitting in the center of Srinagar’s crowded market

Concerned Man in Srinagar street.

In the winding routes of Srinagar, an old man emits timeless knowledge that seems to echo throughout the ages. His aged face, marked with lines of experience. The photographs that cover the walls, with each face responding to the depth of human spirit and strength.

elderly man emits timeless knowledge

Wisdom Old man in Srinagar.

In the calm span of a snowy landscape, a single man stands, symbolizing the essence of peace in the chill of winter in Kashmir. mirroring the timeless ideas documented in Kashmir portraiture, where each face tells a story of survival and beauty in the face of hardships.

A man back of snowy backdrop

Chill Man in snowy backdrop.

In Srinagar a weathered man walks through the congestion, his face marked with the delicate touch of time. Each wrinkle tells a story of strength, mirroring the  Kashmir’s spirit. In the middle of the colorful unrest his existence is a monument to the lasting soul, symbolizing the varied texture of life in Kashmir.

Wrinkled face marked with the delicate touch of time

Experience  Wrinkled man in Srinagar streets.

The Kashmiri people’s determination, courage, and enduring spirit are evident in Srinagar’s different scenery and lively streets. Each individual, whether sitting, standing, or strolling, becomes a live example of Kashmir’s people’s nature of life and experiences.

Copyright: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of  Sathish Kumar C R and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Flim. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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