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Face of Place


Dive into the lively streets of Kolkata, capturing the everyday lives of the people that define the face of place in this enchanting city.

Wander the lively streets of Kolkata by discovering “Face of Place.”. From playful street boys on cycle rickshaws to silent flower market dialogues of daily life. Come along as we delve into the pleasures and vibrant moments of the sites and people of Kolkata and West Bengal.

Colorful conversation between two flower sellers.

Colorful Conversation Nonverbal deal in blossom language.

In a hurried flower market, a seller with yellow flowers sits while another stands in front, with a bright red flower garland. Without saying a word, they communicate, using the language of blossoms. This frame showcases the charm of Kolkata street photos.

Basket Rest of three old people

Basket Rest Blossom Baskets, A Trio of Kolkata’s Market.

In the rush-hour streets of West Bengal, a charming scene at a flower market. bringing the essence of street photography to life. Three people sit on flower baskets, dressed warmly to brave the cold. This captures the harmony of everyday life in the streets of Bengal.

Simple joy of the Small kids in hut

Simple Joy Joyful Smiles in Simple Surroundings.

A heartwarming scene unfolds in this street photo. Three kids living in a small hut, share joyful smiles and playful gestures, despite their modest surroundings.This highlights the simple joys found in the everyday lives of people in kolkata.

Riverside nap of an old man nearby a river

Riverside Nap Resting by Polluted Waterside.

In the streets of Bengal, a man peacefully sleeps on the riverbank, using a sack as a pillow. The riverbanks are filled with garbage. Another person sits nearby, holding a packet. This street of Bengal reflects the challenging reality of pollution in the streets of Bengal.

Joyful ride of a kid on the rikshaw

Joyful Ride A Street Boy’s Stunt.

In the lively street of Kolkata a cycle rickshaw moves forward with passengers, and a street boy playfully jumps aboard and attempts to balance. This encapsulates the essence of street photography in Kolkata. Faces of place showcase the relationship between people and their surroundings in Kolkata street life.

City palette of the street

City Palette City Sidewalk With A Shopping Bag.

A city sidewalk tells a colorful story. A woman walks with a shopping bag, adding a touch of everyday life to the scene. Behind her, there are bright red and blue chairs, making the street image pop with color.

“Faces of Place” captures the essence of Kolkata and West Bengal’s streets through candid photos. From happy rickshaw rides to conversations at flower markets,. Every image conveys an exquisite tale of ordinary existence. Places and faces blend together to highlight the people’s strong spirits. Dive into the lively streets of Kolkata, capturing the everyday lives of the people that define the face of place in this enchanting city.

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