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Faces in Time


Tales from the alleys of Haridwar to the fusion of love, “Faces in Time” captures the essence of existence and humanity’s variegated.

Throughout the photography journey through “Faces in Time”, the lens catches moving narratives painted on several canvases. Passionate Fusion explores the identities of Rudraksha and Thilak. While Red-Eyed Willpower captures the tenacity of Haridwar’s streets. The image ‘Resilience’ shows fortitude in the face of hardship. Whereas, the image ” Surprise” reveals curiosity and fortitude in an engrossing Haridwar Streets portrait scene.

In the midst of time’s maze, the ‘Red-Eyed Willpower’ image strikes Face portraits. The subject’s look captures the spirit of the streets of Haridwar with its perseverance and knowledge. Every line engraved on the face narrates a tale, demonstrating the timeless quality of stories with set timelines.

a man with long beard

Red-Eyed Willpower Haridwar Street Authority.

The essence of various identities is captured in Passionate Fusion Thilak, Rudraksha, and Mystery Unveiled. Faces in Time explores the deep combination of Rudraksha, Thilak, and mysterious expressions through portraiture. Every Cultural portrait tells a tale, revealing the mysteries of time and capturing intimate moments of individuality in pictures.

a man who is applying Thilak

Passionate Fusion Thilak, rudraksha, and mystery unveiled.

The image here shows how resilient people can be. Amidst the city’s street, this portrait photograph depicts the fortitude of Granny portraits wearing shawls. It’s a representation of strength under hardship. This image captures the enduring spirit imprinted on faces across time.

a old lady with more texture on face

Resilience Strength in shawls in times of struggle.

The image ‘Surprise’, captures a moving scene in an interesting look at the streets of Haridwar. The portrait embodies the various storylines in the portrait element with his expressive stare, which conveys inquiry and resilience. Every face conveys a different tale, highlighting the universal human condition against the vibrant backdrop of Haridwar’s streets.

a man with long hairs and orange cloth

Surprise An interested look in the streets of Haridwar.

In Faces in Time, every image represents an element in humanity’s visual story. The images preserve timeless tales inscribed on each expressive canvas. In detail, exposing the profound narratives of Baba’s portrait photography embedded in the faces. It shows the varied characters across the sands of Street from the mysterious streets of Haridwar to the fusion of identities and resilient faces.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Aman S Pisale and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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