Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is not only about the model or models look. It is also about the perfect lighting, background, and poses in the fashion era. Moreover, this blog is all about how dresses and colors affect one’s day and attitude on a daily basis. Therefore, one has to be classy enough to walk like they have owned that place Henceforth, here are some great fashion photos by our author Vinay GM.

Kit-Cat: Have a clear vision
Say No More: Shut up and bounce
Flushed: Hate restriction
Urbanity: Let your true colors glow
Finesse: Make golden memories
Elegance: Live with no regrets
Fluky: Design for brands
Wack-A-Doodle: Listen more and talk less
Serpentine: Positivity is a choice

Forthwith, from decades and centuries fashion era is present. Fashion is something which is changing according to the trends from minute to minute. Furthermore, one must remember that each fashion style has its own importance and style at that particular time or moment. Therefore, nothing goes outdated.

Photographs by: Vinay G M, Karnataka

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