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Thanks to all media for their support especially to the media correspondents for the coverage they had given to Creative Hut. A view through the media coverage for Creative Hut, faculties and students covered in different leading newspapers, magazines, etc…

At the same time, it is the opportunity that helps to shape the upcoming generation and lead the photography aspirants towards their professional life. Here we follow unique way of teaching that enables students to lead a valued life filled with dedication, commitment and pleasant presence of mind.

best wedding photography in india
Mrinal Bhushan
the symbol of strength and wisdom
Bold blue : The symbol of strength and wisdom
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
best kids photography
artistic - frames - aman john thomas - pathanamthitta - kerala (76 of 76) (1)
Bold as black : Always be bold as black
Aman John Thomas,Pathanamthitta
couple fashion photographs 1
virtuous-flair--alan-jose-idukki-kerala-82 (1)
Let's keep it simple : When I haven't any blue,I use red Pablo picasso
Alan Jose,Idukki
magical-stills-febin-jacob-mundakayam-kerala (29) (1)
Blue is everlasting : The color from the beginning till the end
Febin Jacob,Mundakayam
Gathering The Freshness : Collecting the fresh oranges representing her fresh mood
Geevarghese Joseph,Pathanamthitta
picture-quest-ebin-pj-kumbalam-ernakulam-kerala-113 (1)
Flowers bloom for hope : There are always flowers for those who want to see them
Ebin P J,Ernakulam
traditional fashion photography
Believe in me:Silent woman waiting for love
Ebin P J,Ernakulam
artistic - frames - aman john thomas - pathanamthitta - kerala (74 of 76) (1)
Raising up : Dude is flying with his magical power
Aman John Thomas,Pathanamthitta
virtuous-flair--alan-jose-idukki-kerala-90 (1)
Updo Hair : Sky is the limit
Alan Jose,Idukk
focus-the-frame-arjun-a-raj-chengannur-kerala-65 (1)
Lights on : Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion
Arjun A Raj,Chengannur
best jewellery fashion photography
hobo-junket-anshul-sani-shimla-himachal-pradesh-117 (1)
Rosy cheeks : Natural beauty and healthy beauty
Anshul Sani,Himachal Pradesh
becoming's-basil-mathew-muvattupuzha-ernakulam-77 (1)
The masked cruelty: Emotions are often concealed
Basil Mathew,Ernakulam
ethereal-world-govind-raj-kalady-ernakulam-kerala86 (1)
The Wild : Aggressiveness of a muscular
Bharathi Murugan S,Tamil Nadu
Casual : She is out of the house and delight in nature
Geevarghese Joseph,Pathanamthitta
best candid wedding photos
Mrinal Bhushan
wedding candid photographs
Mrinal Bhushan
a Layer of expressions over the face
Rosy red : The symbol of love
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
momentous-tales-ajaykumar-s-a-thuruthicadu-pathanamthitta --16 (1)
Brother's Little Sister : Brothers love for sister is immense
Ajayakumar S.A,Pathanamthitta
Elegant Eyes : The mirror of soul
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
becoming's-basil-mathew-muvattupuzha-ernakulam-81 (1)
The horror of darkness : The artist imagination of a predictors
Basil Mathew,Ernakulam,
magical-stills-febin-jacob-mundakayam-kerala (26) (1)
Classiness : Stay bold and classic
Febin Jacob,Mundakayam
artistic glance-geevarghese-joseph-thiruvalla-pathanamthit92 (2) (1)
Fight of fancy : Her soul is in trippy macrocosm
Geevarghese Joseph,Pathanamthitta
magical-stills-febin-jacob-mundakayam-kerala (31) (1)
Some friendships are timeless : Friends make the world beautiful
Febin Jacob,Mundakayam
ethereal-world-govind-raj-kalady-ernakulam-kerala84 (1)
Self-respect and attitude is a major human behaviour
Govind Raj,Ernakulam
ethereal-world-govind-raj-kalady-ernakulam-kerala83 (1)
Power of love,love will always find a way to break all the barriers and be together
Govind Raj,Ernakulam
Pleased face : I am passionate with my hairstyle
Alan Jose ,Idukki
virtuous-flair--alan-jose-idukki-kerala-93 (1)
Magical Moments : Natural is beautiful
Alan Jose,Idukki
hobo-junket-anshul-sani-shimla-himachal-pradesh-113 (1)
Black Spots : The spotty wall and dress is looking classic
Anshul Sani,Himachal Pradesh
artistic - frames - aman john thomas - pathanamthitta - kerala (73 of 76) (1)
Rider soul : Riding fashion
Aman John Thomas,Pathanamthitta
focus-the-frame-arjun-a-raj-chengannur-kerala-66 (1)
Chasing Dreams : Bringing me to the new world
Arjun A Raj,Chegannur
picture-quest-ebin-pj-kumbalam-ernakulam-kerala-112 (2) (1)
Charming eyes is a language : Her eyes have her own vocabulary
Ebin P J,Ernakulam
focus-the-frame-arjun-a-raj-chengannur-kerala-69 (1)
Work out : Its more important to look good everyday than to look different everyday
Arjun A Raj,Chegannur
picture-quest-ebin-pj-kumbalam-ernakulam-kerala-116 (1)
Be women in attitude : Love yourself enough so that you never lose your dignity anyone
Ebin P J,Ernakulam
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