Fashion Photography

The outdoor fashion photography shoot is always challenging. As it is meant to be playing with natural light more than our little flashes. Therefore, portraying a fashion villa in different locations and suits. Henceforth, hope that this short journey through the blog will ignite you with some amazing ideas about the ethnic and classy trends.

Couture: Beauty is an attitude
Fad: Simple yet complex mind
Sapphire: Confidence is the best outfit
Mode: Just be flawless in every robe
Cozy: Unique for yourself in every way
Up to the minute: Storm with a skin on it
Spiffy: Back like never before
Gleaming: Own the ground you walk

Altogether, this fashion villa consists of various outfits and moods to generate a basic idea about the most exotic genre in the photography field. Apart from that, one has to be extremely mind-map with your ideas to back up the shots. Although it looks glamorous and flamboyant, one needs to be committed and passionate to stand out from the crowd.

Photographs by: Nadirsha, Kerala

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