Fauna with wings


Majestic Birds of Nirvana

Fauna refers to any and all animal life in a specific location or time period . Fauna with its flying capability can flap their wings very fast..

Birds scientifically called as Aves are most amazing creatures on this Earth . For them , there is no limit . No bird stays in a place forever ,they migrate according to seasons . Free-flying birds should not be confined in any way . Birds are gifts of God.

indian-roller-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Indian roller : A solitary bird well known for its aerobatic flight

Jerdon's-leafbird-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Jerdon’s leafbird : An imitator of other bird’s vocal sound

Flying Birds

The birds are some of the beautiful creatures on this earth . Birds have been on this earth from the time of Dinosaurs . They are vertebrate animals and most of them are adapted to flight . Aves can live in the most extreme conditions , either it is too hot or too cold . Most of the birds can fly ,except can’t fly like Ostrich , kiwi, penguins, because of their habitat they lost their ability to fly but retain their wings . The Ostrich are one of the largest bird and the fastest 2 legged animal on the earth and similarly the humming bird is the smallest bird in this earth . Humming bird also known for its flying capability can flap their wings . The birds body are covered with thick hairs and feathers that can help them fly and protect them from extreme temperature.

white-throated-kingfisher-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

White Throated Kingfisher : Great effort will give you delightful reward

Birds have some of the excessive flying capacity . Their body designs are aerodynamic that they can lift up themselves very easily from the ground . There are about 30000 species of birds on our earth . A bird spends most of its time searching for food . Most of the birds are insectivorous they eat only insects like sparrow,swallows etc. Some are carnivorous like Eagle, Vulture , Owl Kite etc. Certain birds are fructivore, only east fruits, like Hornbills , Parrots etc . In the Mesozoic era birds developed from meat eating Dinosaurs. Some hunting birds like eagle have great eyesight .


Red Whiskered Bulbul : This small bird can live upto 11 years

Beautiful creatures

Male birds look more attractive than females . Males look more brightly colored than females to attract them for mating . Females look more dull . During the breeding time , birds make their nests on a tree or in the ground . Mostly birds lay eggs once a year. They take care of their young ones until they are able to fly and get their own food . Some of the birds that one lay eggs in other nests.

For the hatching of eggs female birds incubate their eggs to give them proper heat to fertilize . Incubation periods of birds will take weeks for fertilize . Ostrich eggs are the largest eggs in world about 13cm. Birds needs to feed their young ones every day. Birds are the true predators , because of their sharp vision they will get exact position of their prey.

common-lora-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Common lora : An architect who can built cup shaped home

Some of the birds are migratory as they travel thousands of miles in search for food and for laying eggs to reproduce young ones. Mostly birds travel in groups for their safety . In recent years , because of the sudden climatic changes birds like Dodo , Passenger Pigeon, Labrador Duck, Laughing Owl etc were getting extinct. 

Mostly when the birds fly in the air they commonly flaps their wings to remain constant in the air. While other big birds like Vulture Eagles and Kites hover on the top of the sky . The swimming bird is the perfect exception of hovering. Humming birds can flap their wings upto 80 times per second that is the highest flaps from all others birds.

greater-racket-tailed-drongo-wildlife-photography-anshul sani
Greater Racket-tailed Drongo : At the end of the tail there are two twirled rackets.

Birds like Eagle, Owl and Kites attack their prey to kill them either on the ground or under water. Some of them hunt for the fish, some hunt for the rat , snakes ,lizard,rabbits etc. These large birds mostly live their life alone , but only at the time of mating season they stay with their partners.

In the Mesozoic era, birds were much bigger as compared to this era. Due to the evolution, the birds face had dramatic changes in their size the body size get smaller in size,body slowly turned into feathers and hairy. When the birds flies in the air,they commonly flap their wings to remain constant in air.

stork-billed-kingfisher-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Stork billed kingfisher : Mostly known for its long beak almost 18cm

Birds have different types of beaks. Birds like hornbill, woodpecker and crane have strong beaks. Some small birds like sparrow, swallows have small beaks and some birds like Eagle , Vulture,and Parrot have curved beaks. Birds are warm blooded animals and have 4 chambered heart. Birds need more oxygen at the time of flight.

A bird’s heart beats much faster than a normal human, the hummingbird heart beats 1000 times in a minute . Songbirds have a vocal organ that is known as syrinx located in throat. The muscular  syrinx has two halves both vibrate to create songs, so the birds can chant two notes at a phase.

blue-tailed-bee-eater-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Blue-tailed Bee Eater : They eat mostly flying insects

Bird’s Communication

Birds can make different types of voices for their communication . Each and every bird has different types of vocal sounds like gurgles, warbles , trills ,rattles ,gulps, croaks ,drums,whistles,thumps,honks etc. Birds like Drongos , Leafbird , Warbler ,lora,and Woodswllow. Some other songbirds are having capability of producing two different vocal sounds.

Birds can also communicate through visual display through the behaviours and the feathers on their body. The way male birds like peacock, Flamingo,Macaw, Mandarin duck, Vogelkop demonstrate their wings patches to attract females and to mark their territory . A bird blows air from the lungs through the syrinx for singing and to make different voices.

searlet-minimet-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Searlet minimet : A signbird with attractive colored feathers

Endangered species

Birds play a very vital  role in human day to day life . When we wake up early in the morning one of the first things we hear from our environment is the voice of the signing birds. Every year the climatic conditions are changing due to global warming. The glaciers are melting rapidly,the water sources are getting shorter in every part of the world. Sometimes,due to high temperature and lack of water , the birds are dying.. Humans are killing some birds like Hen , turkey,pigeon and ducks for their meat . According to the survey of scientists,billions of birds are slaughtered every year in the slaughtering farms by humans. The killing of animals is very painful. Nature has given everything to us to eat like fruits, vegetables instead of killing animals and birds

Jungle-babbler-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Velvet-fronted nuthatch : This small bird have a strong beak

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