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Feather Flits


Emphasise a visual journey through ‘Feather Flits,’ the ballet of flight and rest, unfolding the poetic beauty of birds through photography.

Go through the enchanting appeal of ‘Feather Flits’ in bird photography in Ernakulam, as images showcase birds in flight and rest, found in wetlands, marshy, and lake areas. Cherish these beautiful bird scenes, where each image unfolds the elegance and serenity of the avian world. Many of these subjects are migratory birds, adding an extra layer of fascination to the captured moments.

indian paradise fly catcher

Indian Paradise Flycatcher Feathery beauty unveiled.

The Indian Paradise Flycatcher in Kerala, perched elegantly on a tree branch, is a sight to observe. Its long, brownish tail feather falling gracefully. Its black headpiece highlights the royal aspect with its unique crest shape. The background of lush greenery highlights the bird’s stunning appearance.

Red vented bulbuls

Red-Vented Bulbuls Closeness in nature.

The beautiful moment of bird photography features an image of two Red-vented Bulbuls sitting closely on a branch. Their black and brown feathers convey a calm, romantic appeal. 

heron straight look

Purple Heron Silent marsh explorer.

The Purple Heron, with its long neck, silently walks through the marshy ground, enhancing its impressive look. The heron’s slow, silent walk brings a sense of peace to the scene of feather flits. It shows graceful motions in the marshy area.

anhinga wing stretch

Anhinga Lakeside beauty unfolds.

The vibrant image of an Anhinga water bird resting by the lakes enhances the beauty of the feather flits. It is a great subject for bird photography in Ernakulam. It dries off gracefully, its wings spread wide in the sunlight.

heron gaze

Grey Heron Powerful gaze in stillness.

The graceful white, black, and grey plumage of the Grey Heron, is a popular subject for capturing bird photos. This bird, with its long neck and slim build, displays a sense of royal composure.

graceful wings

Graceful Wings Sharp flight of Grey heron.

With its flying wings, Grey Heron represents the spirit of bird freedom.

common iora

 Common Iora Nature’s small marvel.

Among all other photos of feather flits, the image of Common Iora depicts a small. The vividly colored Common Iora image stays out due to its striking black and yellow plumage.

Aleutian tern

Aleutian Tern Tiny elegance shines.

The beauty of frozen time is illustrated in the stable look of Aleutian tern pictures through feather flits.

An exciting visual journey via ‘Feather Flits,’ the calm scenes of avian rest and the dance of flight are beautifully presented through bird photography in Ernakulam. Each picture reveals the poetic beauty of birds, displaying their grace, whether they are in wetlands or marshy, safe places. These simple images of migratory birds in “Feather Flits” tell stories of grace, movement, and magic of short interactions with the natural world.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of S Athira and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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